My NOH8 Photos 751-1000

Benjamin Leong - Ambassador Ben-Stop AIDS Project for Dining Out for Life in San Francisco Right After NoH8 Campaign Open Shoot on April 28th nini bk - " You are a human being.  You have rights inherent in that reality.  You have dignity and worth that exists prior to law " Bailey L - NOH8 all the way! Hannah Fisher - Amateur attempt to support this cause
Brooke Carroll - "How could you hate me?" Aaron Gober - NO H8 :) Kiki - Thats me in my room supporting the rights of my dearest friends in the gay community please don't discriminated! they are people too!! joslyn hayes
peacock charlotte bourguignon - No H8 please. Hating makes nobody happy. Let people be who they wanna be. allison nugent - I didn't have duct tape :X lizzi cooper - me
Megynn - I'm lesbian and live in a country where same sex marraige is allowed. No cities are burning. The education system is fine. Children are not being courrupted. I wish that everyone was able to marry to one they love regardless of gender. ANJILL  Pevensey - Promoting NOH8 and equality on Second Life!! Peter Sullivan Skittles - Actions speak louder than words. In this picture our fingers on each others mouths represent those who are not heard or those who fear coming out, because of the hate or words that others might say against them. We love this campaign for it is fighting for equal rights and stopping the hate towards all LGBT.
Billy Li - stop discrimination. stop the hate! spread love and peace.that's all we need. -- Li, xoxo Michael Austin Rideout - didn't have any silver duct tape! :/ mathew northington
trisha oberhausen RadBren13 - Equality trifecta: NOH8, LoveIsLouder, & TWLOHA! <3 JadeyGaga - Jade No H8 Caique Ferro
Cataryna Ubertini Trixie LaRoux - i didnt want to conceal my mouth becuz i want them to hear me loud and clear!!! jarea presswood - [via webcam] i had no makeup to put on my face so i put it on with mspaint :) Alex Dimetros - Don't like gay marriage? Don't get one.
Don't like abortions? Don't get one. 
Don't like drugs? Don't do them. 
Don't like sex? Don't have it. 
Don't like your rights taken away? Don't take away anybody elses.
Red Kittie Kat - My NOH8 Picture taken by me on May 8, 2011 CJ Bryant Matthew Bounds Emily Leaverton - noh8<3
Aimee Brewer Summy - This is me michelle christmann - I have a gay uncle and will fight to the death for his right to love who he wants. All love, NO H8! jennifer french - In September of 2009, our family lost a dear friend to suicide because he could no longer bear to live in a society that, he felt, saw him as a lesser being. I lost my best friend and my daughters, both of whom he loved more than he loved himself, lost a man they considered to be their uncle. He was human. We are human. And we all have the right to a life with the people we love.
Clarke Stackhouse Charrell Mason - Love Your !!! Dashiell Sears - I'm an NCAA Div 1 gymnast for Temple University as a rings specialist RainbowTigger - NoH8 !
Angie Braaa - No H8 More Love Dušan Koňoš Aidin - NOH8! 

Being a 23 year old female who looks like I do in Alabama is hard. I deal with the hate every day. This tattoo is a reminder that there is hope this will all change one day... Jeanee’ Sanders - Lindsay and Jeanee's engagement photoshoot. Taken by Falaah Shabazz Photography.
Royal_Passion - Don't be shy for what you're ! Afuli - NO H8, black & white... 
no h8, because all the people need and want matter the way of it.. richard cantu - NO H8 Jesus Pena
sahra saadi Dante Leone - My parens are very homophobic so I know how it feels to constantly hear hatred for homosexuals, as I am one. I haven't come out to them yet out of fear that they won't accept me or support me, but this campaign is giving me the strength I need to make that step. Ani-me - No duct tape... or red and black markers... OTL..

its artistic license! :D Blake A Boy - NO H8.
Felipe Tenorio - My NOH8 IM FROM BRAZIL. LOVE NOH8 *^.^* Tasha & Angie Yancey - my sister and I with our dog Alil - Dont hate :) Gabriel Cyphre - Gabriel Cyphre NOH8 ... Why we make war when we could make LOVE on the bed?
cammie - caitlin cote Laura Shepherd Alicia Patterson - noh8! glad i could be part of the campaign! :) David P - NOH8 from Chicago!
Hannah Gould - My name is Hannah, I'm a 20 year old, recently bisexual and longtime supporter of equality. My dad taught me from a young age not to judge people by what they do, how they dress, or who they love, and I have stuck to that philosphy. ashley wells Ash - I didn't have masking tape, so I edited my picture using GIMP instead. :) sabrina  soria  - This is for truth, beauty, freedom, and above all else love...
jordiie Audrey Deza - NO H8.
even though i'm a filipino, i support this campaign.
I do support human rights and whatever gender you have either you're gay/lesbian/bisexual or whatever, we all have the right to live, love and to be loved. ♥ Jessica Gaskill Mithy
alisa  rodela - all love. Justice McNay Cory David Santos Jeffrey Feliciano - !!!This struggle to be heard seems never ending!!!
MariySerafima - Join NOH8!!! Injoy your life!!! Be free and proud of who you are!!! Louis Millares - I support. ;) Beth O'Connor Rodz Vieira - Rodz Vieira - MTV Blogger
Jenna Brown - Sisters against H8 BRob - All <3 NOH8 !! 4Ever Andrea Blankinship - I'm a straight female. I support the NOH8 Campaign because I believe that we all have a choice. Love doesn't know color, boundaries or sexual preference. Love is selfless and just because someone chooses to follow a different path than the one we are taught to follow doesn't give us the right to judge anybody. lux mahogany - Canadian NO H8 Campaign ♥

©2011 by Brian Reiser Photography- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Camille Jorcin - I didn't have duct tape sorry but I tried doing it without. Little D Chelsea Mayor JESSICA SABINA - to stop the hate and love every one equal.
toronto, canada
Kyle Phillips - I AM HUMAN. Dennis Calderon - showing my support xBriex - NO H8 just Love taylor b - Hi my name is Taylor. I am a 16 year old photographer, who despite my limited resources wanted to photograph a photo for the No H8 campaign. The boy in the picture is named Zach. He came out at a very young age and has struggled with homophobic behavior from his family and schoolmates. The girl is named Christina, who also has many friends in the LGBT community. We truly hope we communicated our message for equality through these photos.
Nicholas Muntz Bradley - Me Dylan Parkin zac adam - The cast of The Gay Real World supports NO h8
Jared Ellefson Mike - NO H8 raul ramirez mears Kevin Nelson - Born This Way. It Gets Better.
Julija123123 - NOH8 Beth Bucklin Tiffany Cammarano Elliot Martinez
brittany cerrie - live laugh love with no regrets <3 Becka Steve gregory franc - Noh8
Polo - Took this waiting for the shoot in NY Milton Vestin - I don't like when people use the H8 word. Away with all the H8 and the world become a better and safer place. :) Cheri Bell - NOH8. I stand in the gap for everyone I know who has been discriminated against because of who they choose to love. Trace Augcomfar
aubrie holmes - Str8 but not narrow! ukydu65 - It's Just me ... Jérémy DJ JESSIE amandapandacali - All my life, I've heard "gay", "lesbo", "fag", and "dyke" used freely...well here's me standing up and saying enough is ENOUGH. I'm saying No to hate.
Ebby - My big sister , Harlem and I giving it up for a great cause all the way from Second Life! Cody Lawton taylor keller - this is my friend nick and i at school on the day of silence! Andie Kerr
amanda demery emily luptowski - NOH8 Valerie Hughes - myself Valerie Hughes and my brother Donald Sell.  Xavi Alejandro - The NoH8 Campaign Has Been A Great Way To Get The word Out About LGBT Discrimination. Recognizing This, I Figured It Was About Time I Put My Face To The Campaign That Means S Much To Me. I'm All A Good Cause And Being Bisexual In A Very Religious Household This One Has A Special Place In My Heart. Rather Than Bash Religions Or Religious People Like They Have done Towards Me Or People Like Me, I've chosen To Remain silent And Make A Louder Statement Then Their bickering ever Could... Thank You, NoH8 For INspiring And Encouraging Millions Of People, Including Myself...=)
Steph Scott - I Support NOH8 - Everybody Falls In Love, It Don't Matter If It's The Opposite, Love IS Love. I Have A Couple Of Gay Friends & Lesbian Friends & I Treat Them Just The Same As My Other Mates, They Was Born This Way & Should B Treated Like Everybody Else <3 Angela Reteguiz - True love with NOH8. <3 K+A Sabry Mohideen - Sabry & Bill André Alcantara - It's all about NOH8
Sari Chile Jamie Reitnauer Chris MacKinnon - Not my face :( but still shows how I feel. Peace and Love.
Aldrea Di Flauro - Photo by Edward Wise Brandon Morgan - "Peace" Brandon Morgan Logan Masonoff Cherish Oliver - Equal rights for all, no matter how big or small
Jennifer Jones - I took this picture to raise awareness of the campaign. Although many of the people in my social network were outraged by the Prop 8 ruling, not many people knew of NOH8.. I'm no professional photographer, but it gets my point across.. and I love rocking my 'NOH8' and 'Legalize Gay' shirts around town. Calee Aldaya Kari Edwards-Dodson Dayna Kurnitz - Me after AIDS Walk New York.
Katie Robinson - Katie Robinson - Breaking the silence! Keldon Westgate Catalina Gonzalez - We are all equally the some, so why don;t we all get equal rights. :c Matthew Campbell - This is the photo I submitted as part of the Cape Breton University No H8 campaign during CBU's Pride Week celebrations in 2011.
@s0ulbeautiful - 1 Nandy Barbosa - NOH8 - Nandy Barbosa Brian Paul Edwards Sarah Fox
Kristen Snyder - Str8 for NO H8! I support the NOH8 cause firstly, because my bestest friend Brently, we've been friends for over 10yrs and I wouldn't want him to ever change. I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity in love, to love whole heartily, no matter their sexual orientation. Bound by the freedom of choice to love whom we want to love. The heart does not discriminate, people do! Everyone has the right to choose and why stand in the way of happiness when it does not involve us personally? Props to Poh Mui Quai photography. -xoxo Tonja Alvis - at NY State Capital Bldg waiting for the Senate 2 pass the MARRIAGE EQUALITY BILL! Pippie1496 Felipe Contreras - NOH8 <3
Eryka Reyes - No silence. No h8. Amy Freeland Regina Villarreal - NOH8 at the University of North Texas at Denton. Theatre for Social Change shoot Dec. '09. Our final assignment for the semester was to take part in a demonstration, movement, or protest that promoted social change.  In 5 days, a handful of us organized a shoot that had three incredible student photographers and nearly 100 students and faculty take part in promoting the NOH8 Campaign.  This photo is courtesy of the talents of Dylan Braun. love and equality for all. <3 dana keach - Raising my daughter to practice NOH8
karla e lafuge - I want my Moms to have the right to marry! Adam Mrozinski - Olivia Braun and Adam Mrozinski Devon Stein - Jackson, age 4. Teaching equality and NOH8 starts young. Breezy
Tiny Cruz - i support  gay and lesbian community "love is not about gender" the letters look a little funny but we get the point its for equality Mitch - Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law -Buddha- Gwen Yotsui - <3 Nina walters - Sienna & Nina
Andie  Weaver - Break the silence. Alvernon Lytle - My name is AJ. My family and I are here to support the NOH8 campaign! Alexis Fulton - My best friend & I

No H8 Eryk  Scott  - photographic model of brazilian.

A favor do casamento GAY - Celebrity photographer produced effort portraying people with their mouths taped shut. ADAM BOUSKA
Campanha NOH8 / Fotos de Celebridades - A favor do casamento GAY
ADI ILIYA - Did this for the first XD the paint, the camera settings everything done by me :D even the shirt i painted it my self :) to commemorate NO H8 CAMPAIGN coming to England in PRIDE 2011 ambrogia thomas - ambrogia thomas Marissa S. - i drew this on my ipod Victasia Griffin - NO H8 4Lyfe
Warhol - My Lil Sister is helping me support this campaign by being apart of this mini photoshoot. abigail ennis jayleen morales - At The NYC Pride Parade 2011 Couture Petite
KieerrX - NO 
FIGHT FOR EQUALITY! <3 Trish Velarmino - Trish Velarmino from the Philippine Creative Industries

Visit today! V - Vanda V Rachelle  Gesselman - made it for an awareness project at scshool =]
Tyler Willey - Being gay isn't a disease. The haters are the ones with the disease in their small-minded heads. Laura Martinez - your freedom don't includes "discrimination" Dawn Scott julienikotin
MJ Sam Schreiber Monica Rosenberry - For my friends and family, and most importantly my son who I hope will grow up in a world where everyone is accepted for who they are. Abby Woodard - "Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself that is my doctrine."
-Thomas Paine

-Because it's the right thing to do.
o0Nuno0o Debora Lopes de Oliveira Jen Sinclair Christie Hancock
Yolie - After the her NYC shoot Izamar van der Linden - ALL <3 NO H8 :) Maverick - All love, NO H8! Tom Kubyznak
Nathan Nelson - NOH8 B*TCHES :'(
Passion24 - everyone has a choice. Vicky Mora - On June 25, 2011, one day before the NYC Pride March, our group of friends from around the world proudly came together in New York City’s Central Park to show our support for the NOH8 Campaign and to stand up for love and equality for all! The moment was made even more meaningful and special for all of us with the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York the night before!!! Kymberly Cerveny
Marie Calfopoulos - This photo was taken at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, NYC, on June 25, 2011. Our group of friends from around the world proudly came together to fight for equality & love for all. This moment was even more magical given the bill for gay marriage in the New York state had passed the night before! <3 Chantal Lopez - Equality for all! all love, noh8! <3 Christina  Slawson - NO H8. ALL LOVE. xoxo lilylaughter  - Love is for everyone .
Ladii - NOH8 Esdras Haine Bastos - me Léa Lapoirie laned91 - We Believe in NoH8
Cookie Dancer - shhh, NOH8 Zachary Hecker - My friend Sarah and I, we love everyone for who they are <3 Kelsey Miller - Str8 4 NoH8 alex keymer - i wanted to include the pride flag colours in this and show alternative fashion too
Justin Washington - No H8 Laurie Chartier - NoH8 Nyree Garcia - NO H8! colleen burns - Photo shoot in Central Park with friends during Pride weekend in NYC, 6.25.11
Kara r o - r0. L Woods - " My Heathers and I(Amerykah,Bunny,Adonis) awesome time at the Austin,TX NOH8 time ever xoxo!!" Luis Lithium - Hate only kills you.
Drue - Join the NOH8 campaign! Hailey Walekr - silence Jemma Willis LilMonster_KRS - All different but all together. 
We just need love. 
We are born this way, don't hate.
Mouse Brianne Kadlec victor moreno - sp dance group V noh8 <3
oscar perdomo
Len - 11/07/2011 Leal Gabriel- Dancer Laura Pérez - Me, Laura Pérez, 19 years old, Venezuela David - David Hylan Adrienne Critcher
Tony Randy leelee - my NOH8 picture <3 sarah vargeson - Ok I know it's not the exact logo and doesn't have the duct tape but my sister had gone to a rally and my daughter saw the pictures of the logo and duct tape and at three years old set that up and begged me to take a picture like her auntie. Her auntie and I are both lesbian so she has no hate which is amazing
Emily Blair Leather Fireman - Leather Fireman Emily Davis Susan Fortenberry
Debbie Engle - Debbie Buchanan Engle and Alan Dyson - Shreveport, LA George Gurung - I live in London, so it wasn't possible for me to get an open photoshoot because of where I live. So that's why this is my NOH8 Photo. Kat Burkhardt - No H8 Kitties Eff_Hate_KThnx - Being thirteen and lesbian is a pretty different experience. I have about 14 gay guyfriends and maybe twice as many lesbian friends. I love the idea of love, equality, and happiness for all. I can't wait to see the day that I'm marrying the girl of my dreams in any state I want. <3
AlyssaGrasshopper - ♥ Wanda Sanders-Young - This is my daughter, Brianna. She was 17 when I took this photo. Our family are big supporters of NOH8 and equal rights. I have several photos that we took for the NOH8 Support, and this is one of my favorites. Kenneth Bagley - Cooper - Now, this is a beautiful picture!
Laurah Rodriguez - Love is love. Dennie Conrad Eber Ollarves - Eber kevin henry - HAD TO IMPROVISE BUT THE MESSAGE IS STILL THE SAME AND THAT'S IMPORTANT
aNDREW POMMIER - No h8 and one love thats all im speaking Kicks