My NOH8 Photos 251-500

paoperez - Paola Perez. Blogger. Dancer. Passionate Person. Searching for equality. To my friends because I care. Cameron  Henderson - Cameron J! Snowhawk76 Jenny Geverola - Showing support for a great cause. Love is love; Equality for all!!
ARIQ VILLARREAL Karen S Angel Vavao - Being a lesbian and raising 3 boys that is your partners great nephews had me realize that because of who we were these boys went through alot as if they lived our lifestyle.  Teaching them love, patience, and forgiveness was not an easy task.  Not when there are children who are taught that how our boys are raised is not acceptable.  The endless questions of "whys" and "how comes" from our boys throughout the years became "confidence" and "love show no boundaries".  They are well liked not only in school but within our community.  Just like everything else in life, educate our young ones because they are our future.    Rage Gabana - We are Happy to participate with the NOH8 Campaign here in Chicago, IL. It's changing a lot of peoples perspectives on Gay Rights and equality ...
Kimmie - This is a photoshoot me and a friend did for one of our school projects. We are photography majors. :) Tyler Roberts - I've gotten so many compliments on this photo. Everyone thinks it was taken professionally. I hate to tell them that it's not, however it actually impresses them even more when  I tell them that I did it all by myself. I would LOVE to get photos taken professionally by Adam Bouska though. amy lawhorn Ian -
Emily Broughton Rafael  Ramirez - me and my friend Rob - Fighting together for equality for everyone. TyTy
Josh Atkins - AtkinsEars Katie Redko Geaux Tigers - Who Dat Nation Alejandro De Hoyos
Amy Waldinger - An older pic very home-made...message has always been the same--peace out! Heidi Bajorek - NOH8! Everybody join the campaign! Chris Jennings - Self Portrait: Chris Jennings yoko lert - I'm not a lesb. just agree with this campaign :D
Melisa Koonce - Photo By Ester Ella Maurice Glass Natasha11995 - SILENCE MIKE 13 - MIKE 13 - Signed to LL Cool J - MIKE 13 is currently woking with NCIS's Pauley Perrette, has written & produced for NCIS, True Blood, Wyclef Jean, Timbaland, Beastie Boys, Life of Agony, LL Cool J, Izzo and much more...he is VERY proud to join the team.
Junioor Dantas - Junioor Dantas , From Brazil
Everyone has the right to love, whether man, woman, gay or straight, the important thing and be happy, for that each one should live your life, and let everyone live! regardless of color, race or sexual preference! EQUALITY. From Brazil, Junioor Dantas, a straight man who dreams of seeing everybody happy! tiffani walker - spread love.....#noH8

Enjoyed having Jeff Parshley on our show!! Randy Reinap - No H8! I hated being bullied because I was gay and I do not want younger teenagers dealing with the same thing and committing suicide over it! Stop the bullying! Lindsay Ruggieri - Just a little home shoot. Pictured on left Lindsay Ruggieri and right Nikki Reburn.
zaks - speak no evil amanda couture - I Have Asperger's Syndrome, I know h8! Stop Bullying before it kills again! Dyvon - I've never been able to understand discrimination or hate in ANY form. With the many issues we face collectively, it saddens me that we can't come together as a whole and focus on that which we have in common rather than what our differences are. 

~Dyvon Michael  Moffett - Michael Moffett Facebook: Mscott74
Nik - Eric Lambert and Nikki Keck. November 2010 Thomas  Dukes - NOH8 Kyle Driscole - LOVE Blair Michael - Enough is Enough
Kirsty Ann - My Version of the NOH8 Rhyian Whittaker - NO
H8 mariko walton - even goths say no to h8 Jeannette Lu - Peace, Love, Respect, and Equality.
Anne Sawyer - Anne & Sky Shawn Vincent Sami Rivera - My NOH8 Participation Tya Johnson - NOH8 at school cause lockers are for throwing books into, NOT LGBT kids
Toni Sisti - My friend and I attending the open photoshoot in Hoboken and had the greatest time! We met many kind spirited people, it was like one giant family! Jenny Benge - Christian Snow & Jenny Benge 
Taken by NiCole Sullivan of Sullivan Photo Jenny Benge - Trenton Morin, Maggie Mullins, Jenny Benge, & Christian Snow
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Photo taken by NiCole Sullivan of Sullivan Photo Nicole Askeland
Bernie ashley valley Chris Savage - For the Gulf Coast Marathon at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi on 27 Nov 2010, I had this shirt made to help bring more awareness to the South. The response during the race was amazing, not to say that there wasn't a couple of faces made that displayed discontentment. That is what this Campaign is for, NOH8 is the attitude that is spreading everywhere and maybe, just maybe, those people with hate in their heart will realize that they are becoming smaller in numbers and that they must change for the better. chase laminack - sry for the poor quality and the noh8 not being visble we will hav more pictures soon with better noh8 sign :) KATIE LAMINACK photo taken bye CHASE LAMINACK
Landin Steele Matthew Goodman - A photo I took of my friend. Uploaded with permission from her. Erik Lambert - NOH8 
Not a white background oops Randy Figueroa
Robbie Akuna - NoH8 in the 808 mchburke - :) Music Addictions - i'm not gay, bi or les. i join because i personally think that they have the same rights for love as us straights. so i am here to support same-sex rights. cause there is nothing worse then bringing down your rep for being discriminative.
!!! GO SAME-SEX RIGHTS !!! ChrisTinaFoxxBruce - Super Girl - Chris Tina Foxx Bruce
Brad Carolina A G. Scott ICE
DirtyDiana - El poder lo tenemos nosotros, se llama LIBERTAD... Korrion Drakewood - LOVE is LOVE kaydots Melissa Huelbig - This was the day of the photo shoot.
Ame - Meicy Yeomans Peppers - Edgar- O and Peppers howard davis - Being of mixed heritage I have grown to accept that I am of a new generation who is a mixed bag of everything. Whether it be background, gender or sexual orientation we should be accepted as whoever we are and acceptive of whoever others are. I stand up against the crowd who marginalise and bash the differences of others. Let our humanity grow past catagorizing and let us just be. Be in this moment together. Daphne  Johnson - Daphne's NOH8 photo taken by Chris Fox
Rachel LaPlaca - Eyes beg you for change Plookette - Supporting the cause in Second Life <3 josh kelley GHIPaul - Paul Bradford, Ghost Hunters International

Personally Ive no room for hate in my life, whatever the reason.
Rebecca Matthews - Photography - Kristyn Kaulitz - NO H8 first trial Brian Coleman - 'Kitty Rose' for NOH8 Campaign (by: BOY-C Graphics) Christina Bischoff
Jae'Ke Halliwell - NOH8. My name is Jae'Ke Halliwell and I'm a proud bisexual. One day I would love to get married, girl or GUY. Paul Nolan - I'm an LGBT activist from central Illinois, and I refuse to be silenced. Liz Watchernj - 5 minutes until Adam takes the real shot! But when I heard they were coming to Hoboken NJ I had to be there. 
Easiest Part deciding to participate. 
Hardest part Keeping the shirt clean.... 
Everyone was GREAT.
Serena Goins - Though I, myself, am not gay I know people that are, and I believe that they should have the same rights and treatment as anyone else. Why should what someone does in the privacy of their own home be anyones business? Why should it effect any rights a person has? It shouldn't, and that's why I stand up. susie que - NOH8 Indashio - NOH8 juan lenis - me and NOH8
pocahontas - just being me! BrodyB Erik Stangvik - Another modern family. Laura Pattavina
BriBri - N0H8 Jeff Self - Equality is a must because there is always a story behind every curtain, a tear behind every smile, a broken heart behind every laugh and if people could realize that the ones they judge have scars, scars from things people couldn't even imagine! People tend to jump to conclusions but do not take the time to think for one second that things are never what they appear to be! I stand up and say NOH8 because I am gay and because peace is the right way! Nancy Blaschke Ignacio Gallegos - NOH8!!!!
Christopher Dela Cruz Jennifer K.  Becker - NOH8! Carrie Spear - STR8 FOR NO H8 Kerry Norton - I'm gender queer and I wish to speak out to end the silence on teenage harassment and to help put an end to school bullying. I'm coming out for every lesbian,
gay, bisexual, transgender, queers, and for all humanity that has ever been a victim of suppression. Far too many people have been bullied, assaulted, murdered, driven to the point of suicide, or contemplated it. It's time to put out that fire of intolerance once & for all!
Minami - Minami for NOH8 Richard McGill - NOH8 = Me and My Husband....Married 3/26/10 in Washington, DC. Jaime Bengzon - Equal rights, not special rights!!  For the record, I'm a queer str8. MORRIS - DONT HATE!!!
Amanda Mead Chris Johnson - At the NoH8 photo shoot in Hoboken, NJ! Ryan White Helen Anninos - Taken on Pride Day in remembrance of bullied teens.
Jennifer Lamb - Although Im not gay, I support equal rights 110%!
Love has no boundaries! Abolish the hate! steven Franco - I'm showing my support towards equal rights and no discrimination... I've been a victim of discrimination, so to anyone out their being victimized. I empathize, it will get better, so stay strong and understand your not alone..... AT ALL!!, So here's my photo CICONNE Jessi Post - me and my sister
Cécilia Huon Jessica Meyer - My daughter, Makalah Bree, wanted to get in on the call of awareness because even at 4, she recognizes that love is love.  The bear was given to me when I was 13 after a close friend committed suicide because she was teased for being bi-sexual.  It has since been handed down to my daughter, but we thought it an important symbolic piece for the shot. Maurice Ayal - Averi Bois-Dream - Averi Bois-Dream showing her support.
Averant - All I had was permanent marker and I wasn't gonna write on my face. So I write on the tape. :P Adilson Lopes Júnior - Adilson Lopes Júnior - Brazil - Tara Perfetti (Street) - My daughter Rylan Marie at 8 years old. She fights by my side with me for equality and I am so proud of her! naomi
Dustin Best cheyenne mashburn Katie Jones SisForPsycho
case5230 - quirky N's and straight ally's for the win :P
Jessica Harper - Only Love - I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic... mirandamaniac - No H8. <3
daniela schwiep - my new ''no h8 painting '' really hope u guys like it , ooh btw its not all the way done just though i should give u guys a peek ;) Skyler Link - NOH8 <3 Tina Armour - My NOH8 campaign Drew - "Shush H8, Stand Up for Equality" This is my NoH8 photo, photographed by me(Andrew Clark). This was inspired by the NoH8 Campaign as well as Adam Bouska's photography. I believe in standing up for equal rights, and standing up against hate of any kind. No matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation you are, H8 of any kind isn't acceptable. So this is my photo to fight for Equality.
Dagwood Reed - Dagwood Reed of the band SE7EN OF NIN9, Arizona Brittany VanHorn - Why I posed. 
Growing up I was very involved in theatre. I convinced my best friend to do it too. He loved it. He discovered that he can be himself and no one judged him for it. In other activities, he felt that judging is all people could do. Shortly after we graduated, I got a phone call. "Brittany, I think you are the least judgmental and the most accepting person I've ever met. You've probably known longer than I have, but I'm gay....Say something" "[insert name here] I know. I know. I've known since 8th grade, when you asked me if you were gay." A few weeks later I get a phone call from another friend, this one is 4 years younger. He came out to me and didn't know how to tell his mom. He told his mom, but she completely blew it off, after reading the story of Sadam and Gomora (sp?) to him several times and Leviticus at least twice. After all that, he just took it back and said, "Mom, I might be gay, but I'm not sure yet." There are pictures of him and his boy friend up on facebook for the world, including his mother, to see. I have so many stories like this. All telling me of hardships they've had at school; how they can't come out in high school because of the locker room situation. I love them all dearly, and I hate to see them suffer. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. That's why I did this. The times are changing. The laws have evolved with every generation. It's time for a revolution. T-Girl Barbie - T-Girl Barbie David Spillane
Sean Kienle - I first read about the NOH8 Campaign in our newspaper AFTER the photo session in Scottsdale. Wish I could have made it to the event. rachel bramley - NOH8! Jon Rossi - Never give up the fight to be who you beautifully are. NOH8 Mia Villa - Happy 2nd Year Anniversary NOH8! I had to make the NOH8 on my cheek out of tape and a really bad marker, so sorry if it's not particularly good. 

Anyway, I don't have much of a story YET. I'm still at a young age, and I haven't been around a lot, but I've heard stories, I've heard slurs thrown at kids my age that make me cringe, I've had slurs thrown at me and my closest friends in the whole world. Bullying hurts, that's what I'm trying to say, and I hate where it can lead-depression, anger, suicide, etc. 

Last year, I joined my school's GSA and I finally felt like this was a place where I could belong. Back then, there were only members, I think, including the teachers, but today, there are more than TWENTY, and I'm it's secretary. Just a month ago, my GSA decided to start a GSA Newsletter which will be going around the school, and I was in charge of finding LGBT resources/links. Which is how I found the NOH8 Campaign. And...well, look at me now! :) 

I'm still at a young age, but I know what I want to be, what I want to do: I want to help give everybody the right to love who they want to love and the right to marry who they love. I want to contribute in making this world a better place for us pre-teens and teenagers and, well, EVERYONE, and for the next generation, and the next. :) 

Still, though, sorry for the crummy picture. I was being rushed. :/
Jeffy Dylan - Puffin Lushman and I with Dame Addison Aileen. Alcides Munoz - My self portrait for the NOH8 Campaign Giselle Arguello - For a school project we decided as a class to join the NoH8 campaign and vow to end hate, especially on college campuses, where tolerance should be the first thing taught! Ryan Uppal - NOH8 IN CANADA
Sarah Songbird laurin marlette - NOH8!!!! <3 Richard Chandler Maureen Chandler
Mark Yarnell Mikey Mo Lexii - i'm not gay, bi or les.....but i dont hav any problem with them there just like us and since there just like us they deserve the same rights!!!!i found out bout this organization last night when i was watching running Russell Simmons and i thought it was a great idea. and i wanted 2 get envolved!! so im doing all i can.. i hope you like my picture!! i wore my glasses to show tht im diffrent.. im not u.. or her. or him im me.. lexi :) NOH8!! <3 Christopher Medina
Brian Nunez Victoria Adkins Lacey Wells-Alexander - open your eyes people. jade sansing
Louie Audy Robert Atkinson - you decide RenePatrique - René Patrique, Producer and DJ from Germany --> Contribution to the NoH8-Campaign // for more Infos got to or !! Pilar Chacon - Blondie showing her support for equality ♥♥♥ All love, NOH8!
Ash DeBerry Koncsi Németh Dustin Snyder Soph O'Keefe - My quick attempt at a NOH8 picture :) I would love a real one but this will have to do for now :D I'm 100% behind NOH8 :) being a big fan of Adam Lambert this is something i'm very passionate about :D <3
bri Chanelle Henry - Love (of my life) over H8. Jay B - NO H8! kirsty walker - I'm straight, but SO for this campaign!
Nick - me and my bestfriend! ALL <3 NOH8 :) Shawniee pooh - thinking y not love rather than hate! Marianne Mattier - Atlanta artist Mattier. Luna - (photoshopped duct tape alas - but the reason still stands)

"Hate is easy...Love takes courage"
Lucas Solowey - Lucas Solowey says NO H8 from Montreal, Canada rodolfo garcia SouLae Cofield - *I Believe In Equal Rights For All* I Pledge To NoH8, Come & Stand With Me! Gallery of Phynx - American Pop Artist Jet Phynx (pronounced FEE-NIX) takes a stand for NOH8
Brawd Way - American Singer Brawdway takes a stand for NOH8 Jet Phynx - American Pop Artists Jet Phynx (pronounced FEE-NIX) and Brawdway are NOH8 Warriors. Find Jet Phynx & Brawdway at Wil Blak - Wil Blak of Gallery of Phynx josh gault
Jenny Jensen Eriinz - First attempt =) NOH8 <3 After being compeltly changed by Pauley Perrette i had to check out the website! i love what everyone stands for =D kyanna colon GlamHugsFTW - I didn't have any solid grey duct tape or face paint so I edited some things on Picnik and made the duct tape grey and "painted" the NOH8 symbol on.
Garrincha Nussy - No H8 Netherlands Louie Bastulli Rey Javier - Thank you to President Obama for signing the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.  
Donna Kettunen - No hate. Erica Marlatt - copyright- Lotus Moon Photography Jessica Arone - I totally agree with NOH8 Mack
jujube - Julian Josh Keyton - Bullying People that are different from you is wrong everbody is different in there own way how would you fill if someone bully you because you had something different from them if "IF YOU DON'T WANT BULLYED DON'T BULLY OTHERS" Joshua Travis - Photo, make-up, and style by Melissa Richards tyler lee
Kristyn Collins Tara Shearer - I want to raise my son in a world where differences are celebrated and rights belong to everyone.  I do not want him to ever know hatred or bigotry.  I posed for this photo because I want to make this country a more tolerant place for those I love. Frankie - Photography By Angela Sweet Sensation - Lovely Love -
Cat Jay - I support the NOH8 campaign fully! Truly it has to be said that everyone should be allowed the same rights as another

~Everybody in the world deserves to be loved... no matter what they look like, what they feel like, or how they love ... <3

People have different relationships and people should respect that, not hate it because commentsand actions hurt and harm

Believe me when I say we all have a right to be happy and have love and never forget that!

Peace out !
Cat x Angelica "SmallFry"  Lopez Abbi Wilt Mary Baugh
Elle Fox Jaz Sparrow Betty Miski - NoH8 on my wrist. ^^ Starning
Crystal Lynne - Photo by: Alx Guzman, Editing by: Brian Grant. Maegan Galtier Kai Stogsdill wallie
Ozzy - The discrimination has taken my voice, literally. When I was younger I took part in a choir and solo singing. Being bullied by classmates or anyone that had a problem with my high voice got to me to the point that when my voice started changing I ruined it by straining my vocal chords. Now when I am older and proceeding with my singing but with a much lower voice I realize how much I needed support and guidance of someone smarter. Don't be silenced, be heard and be who you are. Cause when time passes by, they will not matter...but you will! Matty Thomas - Matty Thomas Leia Johnson - I don't want to see H8 anymore! UNDERSTAND?!?! Samara Ash
Sinna DeVeigh TRENDSETTER - Trendsetter - futuristic music producer, produced beats and exclusive remixes for Dawn Richard, Dirty Money, Trina, Platinum R&B singer Mya, Mark Morrison, Cheri Dennis, Rye Rye, Lumidee, Platinum Russian Hip-Hop singer Timati aka Black Star, Tony Williams, MC Jin (ex Ruff Ryders artist), Flo Rida, Porscha Coleman, Platinum Brazilian singer Fernanda Porto, Tokyo Diiva, Really Doe, Shaka Dee, Rasheeda and many other great artists or our time. His style is his own invention - "Futuristic Hip-Hop" and "Futuristic Pop", and also classic and modern pop music. Artists like LL Cool J, Christina Milian, and Flo Rida are fans of Trendsetter music. Trendsetter is also well known in fashion world. He's been working as working as model from 2005 and was involved in Russian high-fashion project with Moscow designer Leonid Romanov. His first professional photo-session was taken in 2006 for Dolores international contest. In 2010 Mark collaborating with Steven Cornellz Casablanca Strawder aka Stevie Boi. Trendsetter writes exclusive music for Steven's "SB Shades" brand collection named "Fallen Angel". He is also collaborating with "H.V.S." fashion brand, and his music appears on Seattle Fashion Week. Right now Mark Holiday working with many talented designers, like Coco & Breezy, Max Milli, Ugo Mozie, and "Get Futuristic" fashion brand. 

OFFICIAL PAGE: Tanisha Faye - Friend+Love = Support leah  Johnson - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
Melantha Hodge - NOH8 Photo Shoot presented by CFK Photography and Dollhouse Ent. Matt Croyle lissy - no h8 Lucky - Dennis Gress, Billings, MT
Seipati Mahupela M-M - equal rights of every person on this planet Michael  Cooper - Make A Statement, Never A Mess! xxoo Christopher Larson - This photo was taken by Richard Yates in Minneapolis, MN.  I collaborated with him on this project and purchased the NOH8 tattoo from the NOH8 Campaign website.
Larri Fruitz Berri - i am larri fruitz berri
i am bi
i believe in ONE LOVE
NO H8 INFERNAL92 - No hate in Gliwice City! GizmoNoH8 - GizmoNoH8:  The NoH8 Chronicles  Find me at Twitter/Facebook for the other shots. BeSoPhye
Sarah Gregor Selena Camilla - Hey, this is me Selena Camilla Adrewboy - LOVE IS BLIND AddictedToTommy - This is me. I support the NOH8 Campaign!!!
Daniel Paulo - I made my 8 purple instead of the original red because the color purple means 'Spirit' on the Pride flag, and we all need the Spirit and Heart to make and be the change... I am also making the international sign-language sign for 'I Love you' Camille Ceniza - My NOH8 photo, i'm still in 7th grade. Jake Grimes - A NOH8 shoot my friend did. (: Taylor Murphy - me on the day that i found out about NO H8 at a freinds house
Jesse Robert Samantha Gillyard Gia  Fontanazza - <3 Piedie - It's me
geena georgouses - NOH8 <3 foreverandalways Tatiana Guancha - NO H8 =-) Add me on FACEBOOK.COM (Tatiana Guancha)