My NOH8 Photos 1251-1500

vontanner - Taking a new direction with the NOH8 photo campaign to demand the courts release the video tapes from the court hearings so the haters can all show themselves. Tita Numminen Karine Dion - To all my friends and whoever sees that. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; whoever you are you're beautiful, no matter what. You're worth it and someone, somewhere, loves you. Never let haters bring you down.

I am a lesbian myself. Catherine Larose - NOH8 <3
Kaleb Murry - All LOVE, NO H8 yeezybabyy - hear no hate. kyebii - NOH8 in the Virtual world! Lisa Barron - NOH8. No discrimination.
Ash Bugg camila nunes - NOH8, just... Anana
angiejayy - i support gay marriage NOH8 Fans Poland - More at BrittanyBreakdown<3 Sarah Serbanich
Vicky  Covi - Brooke n Me michael masi - I had a local photographer take these pictures of my boyfriend and I named, "click chick" who's phenomenal when it comes to capturing and delievering that perfect shot of exactly what her client is envisioning. That is why I needed her to help me make this influential photo into something extraordinarily powerful that people could not forget. Being gay is a huge part of my life that I now embrace instead of loathe. Growing up gay is not easy and can really affect a persons life. Also, coming out to your family and friends isn't easy as well. In fact, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my 24 yrs on this earth. However, this picture represents the bravery and strength that it took. It takes an extreme amount of guts to come out to everyone you love, guts that I never knew I had until that day. That was the day that I realized that my skin was a lot thicker than most and that if I could conquer that then I could conquer anything. So this picture also represents my road to acceptance and my road to success! Danny Rivera Savav - Gay, Bi, Straight..But Still Human!!
tashsparkles - Can't wait to get the real one done! Bre - <3 support and love <3 Tyler Moore - My NoH8 Tina Lemieux
Dave - I love being open with who I am, and I want to allow everyone else to do the same. Let's spread love to all! NOH8! Kurt  Strudwick Emma Seager-Harris wayne  wolters - I posed for the NOH8 Campaign because i wanna be part of somthing bigger
Esteban Quesada Umaña - My first NOH8 pic! Hope to take more...!

Teo.Costa Rica Jeff Henderson - My cat also wanted to support the NOH8 campaign! Gypsigirl - Self Portrait Nicole Andrew - I don't get why discriminating against gay/bisexual/lesbian people is so.. fine? But if its about someones skin colour your being rasist? Being of different sexual orintation is the normal! So why bully us is we are in a happy relationship? <3 NOH8!
Hannah Kelm - PURPLE in support of NOH8 and Equality <3 Katie T. NOH8Norway - NOH8 Norway - Photoshoot M
kevin ellis - praying to bring our baby into a h8 free world!!! Stefanie Johnson gadjetman - My NO H8 Tattoo! Isabella Olson - The Madeira School GSA
unintendedsex. - NOH8 Peggi Odle - Since we live in a small town, we can't attend the NOH8 events, so we took our personal campaign to the streets.  We gained a lot of attention! Tasha  Dangerfield - The Romance Cafe’ and Jeanisis Denim supports NOH8:) Alexa Feder
Joe Simpson - NOH8 michael pesina Giorgia . - Part of an Italian photoshoot with friends :) BES Stovall
Jeremy Davies Donna Johnson Martin Cadorette Dave2 - Lil' Dave and Bad Monkey from Blogography join the NOH8 Campaign!
Tom Menninger - Drawn to this campaign in time for Halloween. Doris Mountain - Had a mini solo photo shoot immediately after finding this site. All Love, NoH8 <3 Fernando Romero - ME (IN THE MIDDLE) AND MY TWO STRAIGHT BROTHERS... Vanessa Ferreira - my NOH8 Pic :]
Marien Jose - Around two years ago, my then managing editor, who is homosexual, suggested a sex and gender theme for our special issue. Because we usually have a photoshoot to go with the special, I thought of the NOH8 Campaign concept, which was received well by most of my fellow writers. Personally, equal rights for the LGBT community is an issue close to my heart, as I have many friends who are members of this amazing, wonderful group. This is my way of standing up for them and for what I believe in. Spread love; no to hate! Nicole Howarth - I don't see what is wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisezual, or transgenual. They are all just people, just like everybody else.
I think hate is evil, I think hate is ignorent, ludicris, and not needed in any type of form. People have no right to hate on people being who they were born as, as for it is a hate crime, that no one seriously looks into.
Hell, the President is suppose to help us, to keep things running smoothly, to try to get peace into the world, intead of war. Now, I know that this world is big, but people have been hating the LGBT for centries. Dear Mr. President, at least try to stop this, or at least make it a legit hate crime, set in cold, hard stone. Because that is shooting down a war itself...
Relations between gay and straight would be greatly improved if we were more accepting of our fears and our feeling, and more vocal about it. Nobodies the same, and people need to accept who people love. People need to accept that gays will never change for somebody else. They may try, but it usually never fully work out in the end. You can't change a homosexual, as for it is their human nature, just like all your trait's that you cannot change. 

I am proudly straight but not narrow, I fully support the LGBT Community and Gay Marriage.
Jessica Walter Erika Lala  - Love all <3
Samantha Silvia - I had all purple on too Kayleen Hopper justice carissimi Tz Temp - all LOVE is EQUAL
Robert Crawford - The time has come to end all the hate, whether it is due to race or sexuality. Everyone deserves to be happy. <3 Alexandria Steiger - Dont Judge....Plain & Simple. JasonM314 - NOH8 in honor of Crohn's Disease and other Inflammatory Bowel Disease's. Dani - The picture may not be high quality, but what I stand for seems clear.
Amber David - I am who I am. Nothing else. Ellen Nelson robert taylor - this was taken at the Lady Ga Ga show in Raleigh, NC in 2010...
a friend used makeup to simulate the trademark duct tape for obvious reasons!!!  Adam recently took my photo at NC PRIDE 2011...i can't wait to see how they turned out.  Thanks Adam!!!
Robert Taylor Cody Postle - My friend is a photographer and she wanted to do a photo like this with me so I agreed! I am openly gay and support this campaign 100% I want everyone to know that even when it seems like you are at your worst it will only get better, always :)
alexis texassf Audrey Sandersfeld Carl Pierce Sirenity - im Sirenity and Support NOH8
Judith Graham - The rose is a nod to Peter Murphy's new single I Spit Roses.  Jennie Immanuel - Sierra K. - 7th Month Marytierra Ramirez - LOVE! Ashton Hunt
Tatiana Dingle Proud Parent - We support my son Jacob and equality for his future Cassie - Sorry if... Sorry if the NO H8 sign on my cheek is not official.. (I just used an eyeliner). And the tape on my mouth is not silver. But I really want to join and post pictures here on NO H8, I really want to help and be an inspiration. Shelby Cochran - Shelby Lou, NO H8
D. - No one but God can judge. I support all equality, my question is: Why is it that we have freedom of speech, religion, and the press, but no freedom of accepting same sex couples? 
I support LBGT's rights 100% and I admire the work done here  on NOH8 Campaign keep it up! Tim Harrison imurvalentino - I'm from Philippines and i love supporting this campaign i know we can make it to be recognized and to be heard to have freedom as well! You may also check me over twitter @IamvalenD pls lemme know how can i help so that noh8campaign will also be spread out all over my country Cherise Andre - NOH8. No hate.
Natalia Ramos Gabriel Amyot Emi Abhithananont - I believe that Equality will bring more peace to this world!!! Kiera Grice - NO H8!!
Eric S - Great photo shoot we had last summer for the campaign. Alex GAllagher - don't be a h8er be a lover! Jasmine Roebuck - my first NO H8 photo! kaitlin watkins - My friends and I are supporting noh8 in my school. This is just one of many photos in the series that will be made into posters and displayed in the hallways of Maui High School.
Junior Harry Long  - Shout out for NOH8! Alexandra Quenneville - When I think about forever,
I think about a lifespan,
I think about two people being together;
A woman and a man.

But everyone is different,
We're not all a specific way,
So who really cares;
If we're lesbian or gay.

We're really all just people,
And same sex love is not a crime,
While we're all moving forward;
The haters are two steps behind.

The world is always changing,
So you better get ahead before it's too late,
People are free to be who they want,
So you might as well start accepting NOH8. deja jones - NoH8
mystical1 Zimra Geurts - NOH8 Ann Monica Morrison - Monica Morrison <3
Diva Zella - MY NOH8;}By Diva Zella(Olga Zelikovskaya) <3 Brittany Thompson - <3 tonychungster Keara Jashae - This Photo Was Taken By Young Inspiring Photographer Keara Jashae, Kreative-Mindset Photography
Havar Espedal - All Love & NOH8 by Havar & Sharon <3 Stephanie Hernandez Nicholas Bennett - Kenzie Fagan, Nicholas Bennett, and Stephanie.
From California, three cousins for the cause.
no H8. F. E. Cornejo - Life partners and philanthropists, Nicholas Cacarnakis(left) & F. E. Cornejo(right).
Gabriel Morini - Gabriel Morini. Correy Katie  - Angel, Rachel, Correy. NO H8 in olinda forest. <3 christina Almodobar - This is a photo of my wife Leena Buerdier, my daughter Kayla Barnoski and myself.  We are a family, out and very proud!! My wife and I have been together for 8 years, got married at S.F City Hall on Oct 23rd, 2008, we are currently trying to have another child! Lindsey Boyd - I personally would not be comfortable in a homosexual relationship. I also live in a free country, where no one should have to hide their sexual orientation or feel as if they need to harm themselves for being "different."
Jennifer Pekrul - NOH8 Doll. I could not do one of myself at the time and thought that this was a creative way to express my support for the NOH8 Campaign. Brittany  Dawn -  I believe everyone should be treated equally no matter what they decide to do with their lives. I was raised and baptized Mormon. My parents were very strict and forced the religion on all of us kids. My mother and father raised us as ultra conservatives and over the years I didn't feel like discriminating against other people was right. I became a strong supporter for the gay community and I have so much respect for them. Why should anyone be told who they can and cannot marry? My name is Brittany Dawn and I am for gay marriage. Emily  Kempton Sheldon Bruck - Sheldon Bruck for The NOH8 Campaign
Deanna Anderson - Taken on Monday, November 7, 2011. I'm bi and 13 and against hatred and non-equal rights Charlotte Diamond Cassy Finn Edwin Cadena
Noel Espinosa - <3 Ry - People are going to do what people want, you cant try and change who they are or what they love. julius apan - my no h8 photo Matthew Thomas - In all honesty, I came home after work and wanted to express my love for No H8 campaign and produced this picture in less than 5 minutes.  I am happy that we have the ability and respect to post these pictures on this site.  Continue on in the fight for equality and fairness. NOH8!
Jaimie Alessandra Saltoc - NO H8 BY JAIMIE ALESSANDRA"KASANDRA OLAN" SALTOC Ryan O'Hare - NOH8.... All LOVE Ronja Wann - Sag NEIN zum HASS. / Say NO to H8.

Photo by Patrizia M. anne jean-noel - noh8
Aleida Piñon Lara - Aleida Piñon Tiffany  Gallardo - NOH8. RaulSingsonPhotography Rosie_tose - This goes out to my friend Jamey who killed himself because people would bully him because he was gay :( Whitney King - Whitney King NOH8
ItsEarlypearly - #NOH8 from Trinidad. We, as Trinidadians, need to care more about these issues. I love this cause and will forever be a supporter! JolinePersson - NO
H8 mona neerland - Mona Neerland Federico Sanna - NOH8 - Federico Sanna
clare christensen - i love the NOH8 campaign, i also love To Write Love on Her Arms, and Teens on Trafficking; check out them with the links:
UHH Students - Photographer - Pilialoha Gardner
Graphic Designer - Fey VanCamp

Special Thanks To - UH Hilo Recognition Committee, Pride Club, & Student Housing Participants Tatiyana Aaliyah - NO H8 Roger - Don’t let hate become your wall!
Joey Eirol - NOH8 Lundyn Lofquest - Lundyn Lofquest Strawberry Kiwi - Strawberry (left) & Kiwi (right) Eric Wright - photographer: Aaron Belford
Hair & Makeup : Eric Wright
Aldy - hi ! this is me, and my photo for NOH8 campaign, i think this campaign is so important! i'm really loved to can help! xoxo! Cassie Mason - My NOH8!! This campaign means a lot to me and millions of others. Glad to be apart of this all. Just got my official pic done with Adam on Thursday, so ecstatic! Can't wait to see it! I hope 2012 brings amazing things for NOH8 and our fight for equality. I hope people start to realize that we all deserve to be treated equal because we are all human beings, no matter who we love. NOH8 people!!!! .. all love ... NOH8!!!! candi dyer - No H8, only love. Ana NOH8 - NOH8
mayra aguilar - Equality juliann rivera -  Against hate. Cloud Gabby Ramos
Jess - Jessy and Alex on the Left <==== and Carma and Tristen on the right ====> dora - no h8.! sierra palmer - no hate. RainbowSkittleBear - NoH8 Forever(:
christopher vera - No H8 Jennifer Molina Mia Shepherd Thanh Lam - Straight or not, you are beautiful♥
Brent White FerminGallegos - Fermin Gallegos - Singer NOH8 Campaign Rose - I LOVE NoH8 Meghan Hale - Model: Me
Photo: Mark Anthony Ramsay
Alexis Patten - Photo taken and edited by Alexis Patten of Alexis Patten
NOH8<3 Hero Skatman - NO H8! Glam_Kerplunk gabby odell - I weep Day and Night....the future is Ugly. I dont want to weep anymore!!! I AM THAT I AM!!! I LOVE TO WALK IN THE RAIN COS WHEN AM CRYING NO ONE SEE!!! I love my Country But my Country Hate Me!!! MAD WORLD!!! GABBY ODELL facebook ID geodell
Steven Wade Hunter Sydney Paige - this is to support all my friends that are gay, bisexual, or anything! i love them and they should be able to marry whoever they want! Jennifer James-Hazel - ME AND MY DAUGHTER...TEACH RIGHT!! Kristi Tucker - My love for NOH8
Alan Matteo - Just :) Carmen Street - No Hate Samantha Vinson - i used blue duct-tape, because blue is the color for anti-bullying. The Scorpion Lord - My NOH8 Make it your own and rock it!!
Trevor Donovan - DJ TREVOR D  Marty Camarillo - NoH8 presentation for Sonoma State University showing the voices not heard on LGBT rights throughout the world. Leah Pogliano - Nah, I'm not gay, but I support and love you all♥ davvy
Jessie-Cuhh - ♥ Sarah Wasserman Stephane  Ferrandiz Ebony Hilton
Carmela Caracappa - We are a family of four. Trying to raise our boys ( young men) with respect for all. My husbands sister died before ever getting the chance to adopt her and her partners son. Our nephew was not able to receive  his Mom's Social Security. Our Sister-in-law  had to fight the courts to no avail, sadly it was only months before the adoption would have been finalized, when my husband's sister died. Had they been allowed to legally get married non of this would have been an issue. Who gives anyone the right to deny a child what is rightfully theirs. Our prayer and hope is that no child have to fight the courts for what is rightfully there's. Peace The Caracappa Family Josh Sanderski Kasson Marroquin - NoH8 shoot at the University of North Texas. Fall 2009. Cari Gonzalez - No H8.
DJ Hilton - DJ Hilton spinning Live from Puerto Rico! Emma Soula Vania Mancini - NOH8 ! <3 Ashley Fox - Love is Love <3
Morgan Zolanski - noh8 Sweet Lizzie - This photo was to announce my parents that I am Bisexual... We are who we are ! Proud to finally be myself ! I won't hide anymore ... NEVER ! NO H8 & NO Shame ! <3 Love is still love no matter what gender you or the person you love are ! LESLIE ESTEFANI - leslie and danielle Lauren Zabell
Izzy Stevenson - I uploaded this because I'm active duty about to be medical boarded and separated honorably. I came out in about September of 2011 (I'm 21) And I had heard about this campaign and immediately fell in love with the concept and the story behind it. So in my support I submit this picture. Aubrey Schefft - I will always love you, and I will always support you. Ana Gonzalez - NOH8!
love has NO rules!♥ Nhung Quan - NO H8
Jessica Palad - I am strong and proud! I will not be silenced! Spread the love<3 Ruben Avalos Shawn Hann Tara Rodarte
Anrano - I never know what hurts the most until I find that I'm kinda losing myself every time I don't be true to myself and follow my heart. Now, i just wanna say, this is me, this is real, and all I wanna do is live out loud. Aged 21, i will start my master's study as a MTI, I will chase down my dreams, showing to the world what I've got. C'mon guys, fighting! Glitter Megan Sebo - Megan, 18. I grew up in an all catholic family, and I am catholic. It is really hard to be gay and grow up in a family that believes you are going to hell. You cannot tell very easily in this picture, but i am wearing a rosary <3 HirsuteMorgana - My interpretation of it <3
UndermostJason - NoH8 Adrienne Neves - A group of students from Chico State decided to hold there own NO H8 photoshoot. Mana - My NOH8-Pic "Just another Straight Girl for Gay Rights!" sarah he - NoH8
Jess Pineiro - xNerdette colette sexton Zaki ARYAN BAKIR
Tesslyn Francis Bria Phipps - Me :). Amber Demery - My friends (counter-clockwise from top) Keno, Jessica, & I supporting NOH8 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. KJ - I have the best friends a gay guy could ask for! From left to right Jessica, Keno (myself), and Amber supporting NOH8
Dominika Marsova - NOH8 billy ramey Sarah Guenther - NO H8 Rachel P - I'm watching you sooo you better not HATE!
derrell mccain - Derrell Maureen McCain liz catalona - CHEERS! to no hate in the world<3 Heather Ludlam
amanda brown - i believe in euality sorry i didnt have duck tape but i will next time Juan Fuentes Lisa Soohoo - Miss Asian America Pageant 2010 tyson blacquier
Georgia Meade - My 2 Daughters and I Lola B. - Stop the hate, please! We are all equal in His image. Ricky Buckley - me Emily Ann - A bunch of my friends and I walked around school with this on our cheeks all day.
Kerem Fabbiano - thats me... i believe that every type of love is beautiful. dereon felder - #NOH8 
Beauty Models Philadelphia Grace Lazos - My dear friends basically do anything I ask them to. And because all of us are in so involved and adamant about Gay Rights and anti-sexuality bullying, they were more than happy to agree. This photograph illustrates the support of heterosexual couples towards the campaign. Yildrim Butt - this door leads to a new path ........a good path ......the door with to logo of NOH8 with my twist shows that there is a right path and its right next to us thou we should open our eyes and we will find the door which leads to PEACE .......................Yildrim  Butt
Andrea  Varela - Stop the hate. Ryan Bunts Conor Maloney Jesus Silva
Jens Hutto - Deaf Transman - for my loyal to everyone in US to marry. Gleison Nascimento - G . NAS