Los Angeles Chivas to Host 1st Ever MLS Equality Night!

Friday, July 8th, 2011


On SATURDAY, JULY 23rd the NOH8 Campaign will set up our mobile studio at the HOME DEPOT CENTER - HOME TO THE LOS ANGELES CHIVAS - for MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER'S 1ST EVER EQUALITY NIGHT --- and YOU can still be a part of it!

NOH8 is teaming up with Outsports along with MKH2O, Major League Soccer, and the LA Gay & Lesbian Center to host Equality Night during the Los Angeles Chivas v. Houston Dynamos game.

The National Anthem will be sung by the famed Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, many of whom have been a huge part of the growth of our campaign over the past few years. Some of the more notable supporters have included Actor, Familiar Voice, and Philanthropist Ben Patrick Johnson as well as the current Mayor of West Hollywood John Duran.

For only $20 per Equality Night ticket (which must be bought HERE: https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/go.htmI?l=EN&t=chivas&o=1276733&g=951), you will receive a ticket to the game plus access to a special Equality Night reception, where you will be given a FREE NOH8 Face Graphic T-Shirt featuring an ALL NEW Graphic Design!

And even better -- a portion of ticket proceeds from the night will benefit the LA Gay & Lesbian Center!

For more details about Equality Night with the LA Chivas and the NOH8 Campaign Photo Shoot being held at the reception, check out our Equality Night Event Page here.

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Ben Patrick Johnson (LEFT) and West Hollywood Mayor John Duran (RIGHT) of the LA Gay Men's Chorus. MIDDLE: NOH8 Face Graphic T-Shirt

As luck would have it, this particular game will feature the very first Major League Soccer Player to do a NOH8 photo; the Houston Dynamos' Mike Chabala, who posed for the campaign when the NOH8 Campaign hosted a shoot at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas last October. Most recently, LA Chivas Players Justin Braun and Michael Lahoud posed for the campaign; both of whom will be in attendance at the game on the 23rd as well. This is the first time that two players from ANY team in ANY sport have posed for the NOH8 Campaign; thanks to Justin and Michael of the Chivas for setting a great example!




Check out Behind The Scenes video of Mike Chabala's photo shoot and his explanation for why he posed below.

Story link: MyFoxHOUSTON.com



NOH8 partnered with Outsports and EQCA earlier this year to bring NOH8 to the NBA's 1st Ever Equality Night, hosted by the Los Angeles Clippers. The NOH8 Campaign set up on the outdoor terrace of the Staples Center and photographed 50 LGBTQIA sports fans against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles at night. Out Former NFL Player Esera Tuaolo sang the National Anthem, proudly sporting a NOH8 tattoo on his cheek that was broadcast to the entire Staples Center over the Jumbotron.

We've highlighted the participation of professional athletes before, and we have to take advantage of the great opportunity we have to introduce the LGBT community and our fight for equal rights into the arena of professional sports. This is our second '1st' Equality Night in the sports world, and we hope to continue bringing these events to stadiums around the country -- so we hope all of you can join us for this exciting event!


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