Call to Action: Scouts For Equality

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013


The Boy Scouts of America recently announced support of a resolution that would put an end to their long-standing ban on gay scouts, while leaving the ban on gay scout leaders intact. The resolution must be approved by the roughly 1,400 voting members of the BSA's National Council, scheduled to meet in Texas during the week of May 20th. While this mixed message by the Boy Scouts shows some signs of progress, the resolution also seems to continue promoting the fact that being gay is not acceptable by perpetuating dangerous stereotypes about gay men.

The NOH8 Campaign stands with Scouts for Equality in calling for an end to the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders alike, creating an inclusive environment that supports all scouts. In order to encourage scouts to take a stand and make a difference, we've introduced a call to action to all scouts that support equality: let's put a face to the fight!

Any scout for equality who attends a NOH8 photo shoot in uniform to show their support will receive a complimentary NOH8 photo. Just bring your uniform and a scout ID! You can find a list of upcoming NOH8 events by clicking here.

We also encourage NOH8ers to support the efforts of GLAAD and ousted scout leader Jennifer Tyrrell (pictured), who was dismissed as a scout leader for being a lesbian. Jennifer's fight has inspired over 350,000 Americans to sign a petition calling on the BSA to end their discriminatory policy, and she has launched a new petition urging the BSA to lift its ban on gay youth and parents at

"This isn't just about boy scouts this is about equality in all aspects of life. Boy scouts needs to realize that they're sending a dangerous message to children by telling them that they're not good enough. Together with GLAAD, I am making sure no parent ever has to look their child in the eye and say we're not good enough. You have no idea how much that hurts because Alicia and I are good enough and these kids, that we're raising, are amazing. Ask anyone."

Please sign and share Jennifer Tyrrell's petition to support scouting for ALL!


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