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September 3
2018 NEW

Open Photo Shoot in Tampa FL, Hosted by Nissan

Open Photo Shoot at the Gay Softball World Series in Tampa FL, hosted by Nissan more »

September 15

Open Photo Shoot in Dallas, TX

Open photo shoot in Dallas, TX more »

September 22

Open Photo Shoot in Omaha, NE

Open Photo Shoot in Omaha Nebraska more »

September 22

Open Photo Shoot in Topeka, KS

Open Photo Shoot at Planting Peace's Trans House in Topeka Kansas more »

October 6

Open Photo Shoot in Austin, TX

Open Photo Shoot in Austin, TX more »

October 13
2018 NEW

Open Photo Shoot at Orlando Pride, Hosted by Nissan

#NOH 8 photo shoot at  Orlando Pride Festival, presented by NISSAN ! WHERE : Orlando Pride - NISSAN booth Lake Eola Park 512 E. Washington St. Orlando FL 32801 DATE :  Saturday October 13th, 2018 TIME : 1:00pm - 4:00pm PHOTO COST : F REE solo #NOH 8 photo to the f irst 250 people in line compliments of NISSAN ! * COME CAMERA-READY * * WEAR A WHITE SHIRT  * * POSE & MAKE A STATEMENT!  *   The NOH 8 Campaign returns to Orlando, FL on Saturday, October 13th ! Stop by the NISSAN booth at Orlando's Gay Pride Festival anytime between 1pm-4pm to pose for an official #NOH 8 photo by photographer Adam Bouska . Photos are first-come, first-served - and we move fast ! No reservations needed! Be one of the first 250 people in line to receive a FREE solo #NOH8 photo , compliments of Nissan ! Please arrive camera-ready with a plain  white shirt to mat ch the signature style of the #NOH 8 photos. When is the best time to arrive? Most people tend to arrive before the photo shoot begins, but as long as someone has lined up by the advertised end time for the photo shoot ( 4 :00pm for this photo shoot) and they are within the first 250 people, they should be guaranteed a chance to pose! Once you arrive, the next steps are easy! 1. Fill-out one numbered model release for each person. 2. Have a NOH 8 temporary tattoo applied for your photo. 3. Standby for your number to be called. 4. Trade your processed model release for duct tape! NOH 8 Co-Founder  Adam Bouska will photograph roughly 5-10 frames per person. One frame will be selected/edited by our team and made available within approximately six weeks ( timeline subject to change ). INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? E-mail with your contact information and make sure to note which shoot you'd like to volunteer for! more »