Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

MISSION STATEMENT: The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest.

On November 4, 2008 Proposition 8 passed in California, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The defeat provoked a groundswell of initiative within the GLBT community at a grassroots level, with many new political and protest organizations being formed in response.

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska
and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with "NOH8" painted on one cheek in protest.

Nine years since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 56,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more from across the globe.

While inspired by the passage of Prop 8 and the fight for marriage equality, the scope of the NOH8 Campaign has grown to stand against discrimination and bullying of all kinds. The message of 'No Hate' can be interpreted and applied broadly, and everyone can relate to the message of NOH8 in their own way.

The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, and has appeared in various local and national news programs and publications. The images are widely used on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to proudly show support for equal rights.

To date, NOH8 Campaign has hosted official photo shoots in 48 of the 50 United States (plus D.C.) and 20 countries around the world. While our work continues here in the US, we must not forget that there are still places around the world where simply being who you are means living in fear for your life every single day. Our mission to promote love, acceptance and respect for all human beings will continue in pursuit of #NOH8Worldwide.




The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign are used to promote and raise awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign. You can view the NOH8 Campaign's Form 990's here.

The NOH8 logo is a registered trademark of the NOH8 Campaign ( www.noh8campaign.com )

Copyright © 2015 NOH8 Campaign. All rights reserved



Ello Rosie 11/26/2011 00:48

A shoot in Montreal would be amazing!!!

Krista Ménard 12/02/2011 09:05

Please come do a photo shoot in Albany, NY!

Kellsey Wickham 12/03/2011 18:38

I LOVE NoH8 and I will always be here to show my support. I would really like to see same sex marriages legal in all states, that's one thing that should of NEVER been taken from us to begin with. Everyone has a right to happiness no matter who they are. Much love to all.

Rose 12/12/2011 14:26

come to portsmouth va

christina larry 12/13/2011 12:54

Please come do a shoot in Minnesota! My county rep. is against gays, and I want to prove to her that she's got the wrond idea.

Samantha Vinson 12/15/2011 19:26

pls Come HK!

Jacob Nam 12/22/2011 08:53

im from detroit but recently moved to Dallas Texas so im interested in being apart of the movement!... come back to Texassss!!! :)

KenDoll Escada 12/23/2011 18:05

I think this is really cool. im gonna spread to word.
We should stand up and make a change. you dont have to be glbt , you can help make a diffrence. We can SPEAK! let them know what we think.
im not glbt but im still gonna help make a diffrence in our world.

Jennzzz 12/24/2011 16:50

Please come to Texas A&M to do a photo shoot!! I know there are mostly conservative people here, but thats all the more reason to show them how many supporters there are here that they don't know about!!

Chloe Cantu 01/06/2012 16:13

You would be very welcome in Paris, we'd love to have you in France !

Sébastien Hulin 01/08/2012 12:19

Kansas City area please~?

Alexis Riordan 01/14/2012 18:54

Please come to Idaho...We need help in this state and there are lots of us who would participate in a photo shoot!

Jennifer Bazar 01/19/2012 13:41

Please come to Barstow CA and do a photoshoot :)

Lisha 01/19/2012 13:41

i think you should have a photo shoot in knoxville TN!!

ida webb 01/19/2012 14:32

I agree with Jennifer Bazar! Please come to Idaho i would love to do a photo shoot for this campaign to show my support! I am sure a lot of people would come out for this.

Jessica Pate 01/21/2012 02:55

I agree with Jennifer Bazar! Please come to Idaho i would love to do a photo shoot for this campaign to show my support! I am sure a lot of people would come out for this.

Jessica Pate 01/21/2012 02:55

Can you please start coming to military bases for a photoshoot! if thats at all possible. I am currently at Fort Lee Va and i'm am going to take my own pictures of a few of us that are in the same company as me, to spread the word and to stand up for equal rights! Ever since Don't Ask Don't tell there have been so many of us (gays and lesbians) coming out, and for the most part we're accepted but there still are some who can not accept it by talking negative (using "Faggot") to get us to quiet down. Me i'm not that type of person to turn the other check or byte my tounge. Which is why i'm getting a group of us to take "NO H8" pictures of us on base in uniform to show who we are, we are proud and we will not stand for any kind of hate.

Joshua Catricala 01/21/2012 08:10

Come to Seattle!

Hayden Harmon 01/22/2012 01:58

I would LOVE to know why you guys have not shipped my things to me yet.


Julie 01/22/2012 15:01

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