NOH8 Campaign PSA #1 - "I AM"

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

The very first NOH8 Campaign PSA that premiered on the 'Day of Decision' in response to the California Supreme Court's decision to uphold Proposition 8. This public service announcement features a variety of members from the GLBT community and their allies.


Tila Tequila-really????? please please i totally support the cause but i really can't get behind a group that features a reality star who doesn't do the community any real justice.. So so many other great representatives and you've captured some great ones but honsestly Tila is exactly what the conservatives will jump all over and critique - fair or not it is just poor choice in spokesperson - i would not want to see tila drunk on TMZ promoting NOH8!! that would just undo the worthy cause - please with all respect and as an advocate for same sex marriage remove Tila from your marketing for the sake of the campaign. I'm sure Tila is an okay person but her public image is just not positive and really with respect again her endorsement is not really somebody i would take seriously..

patty db 02/08/2010 19:22

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