Gay Marriage Prop 8 PROTEST

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

PRODUCED BY: -- Like many of you, we at InTheMO were saddened and embarrassed by the State of California's upholding of Proposition 8 last night. There was a peaceful protest in W. Hollywood yesterday evening and we went with 3 film crews and shot and edited a short feature on CA's reaction... Thousands of people came out to show their outrage at the State's ruling and their support for all of the people directly effected by our state's step backwards. You could feel the emotion in the air and people had very powerful things to say. We love California and we can't let this keep happening in our backyard. It's not a Gay issue it's not a straight issue - it's a human rights issue.  Please take a moment to forward this to your friends, family and pretty much any random stranger you can think of in an effort to inspire change. It's up to all of us...  the bullies are winning and that is not what this country is about.  It's time to say something and keep saying something until things change.


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