My NOH8 Photos 4501-4573

Amanda Jimenez - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Wilf Plasway - Love is love and Happy Pride from the Vancouver Pride Parade. Armani Versace - My name is Armani Versace
I changed the gay urban community because of the NOH8 Campaign. For years in middle school through high school I've experienced bullying and hate in the worse way possible verbally for being an African American gay teenager. I thought I would never escape those horrible times getting into fights defending myself for my gay rights. I posed because I wanted to bring awareness to young black homosexual men that are going through hard times & I felt I wasn't being true to myself and I decided to change my life for the better of the LGBT community. Instead of a professional shoot I decided demonstrate true authenticity for my very own creative and custom NOH8 verified portrait. I've been advocating the meaning and equality rights that NOH8 has been promoting for years through social media and it's changed my life in so many ways thanks to NOH8.
  After discovering the movement of the NOH8 campaign I had a whole different perspective on life and everything around me started to change. As the months went by I began to embrace who I really was to the world I only knew. It was only the beginning when I began to research more into the LGBT community. I began learning so much about what it truly means to be a happy gay man in America. After graduating high school in 2015 I decided that it was time to finally face my truth with my friends and family about my sexual preference. No only to my friends but to the social media world that once haunted me because I was gay. I shared my coming out story with the world and because of believing in the NOH8 movement  I've become a top urban LGBT Public Figure for young gay teenagers dealing with depression and suicide about being gay. I write this to say because of NOH8 I have completely changed the young urban gay community doing my public lectures , published articles & LGBT organizations because of being inspired by this cause. Thank you so much I love you sincerely NOH8 Campaign
- Armani Versace
Caitie - Standing up for human rights and Equality for all!
Emily  Bennett - Hello all my name is Emily and I am a great believer and supporter of the NOH8 campaign! I myself am straight against hate and strongly believe in equality! This is a crayon art I made with the NOH8 logo I hope y'all like it!! Sorya Louise - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Hayden M - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Cori Cabrera - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
GoGo Tagg - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Quynh Lu Chuong - Only LOVE ❤️ #NoH8Campaign George Brooks - Victoria Hughes CEO of Universal Pageants and Mister Universal 2018  Hendrik Alting - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
Bianca Aslett - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Rafael Assunção - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Marty Shobe - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Shannon King - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
Alberto Benatti - NOH8 from Italy to the whole world Taha Alvi - Gay, Muslim & Comfortable. Joanna Carillo - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Yulia Smirnova - "NOH8" from Russia.
Desirae Basile - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Jared Williams cleila nunez - NO H8 Meybi Abarca - N0h8
Hate can silence those who are weak.
Hate kills
hate is poison to the mind and body.
No Hate 
Emelin Adames - STOP THE HATE Ashley Ordonez Nathaniel Jones - "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate" Sarah Campbell
Lindy Lancaster  - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Christina  Silvester  - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign Aliya Muhammad - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone John Nhiel Smith  - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
Tina  Shuert - My No H8 2/8/17 JACQUELINE Small - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Tony Fisher - My NOH8 Vanessa Viera - Growing up in Miami, FL diversity has always been around me! To see the hate that has been glorified lately, I believe we NEED campaigns like NOH8 to promote love again, and push out the horrible propaganda that is being fed to our society these days.
Kelly LaCourse Gary Nelson - My study of Adam's work. Taken in my studio, 2015.  Written permission to use model's likeness on file. Elizabeth Barr - ~no h8 for psych~ THE LGBT WORLD ONLINE - El Leslie from supporting NOH8. NO HATE 2017 AND FOREVER.
Stacey Warnke - Stacey & Mia--taken in my studio of myself Taylor  Planas Kathleen  McCormack Matt  Meierdiercks
JESSICA BRENGEL - NO H8 Cathleen Cassese Glenn Haywood - NOH8 Alex Bernard
Jake Hoina - My NOH8 photo to promote positive sexuality! monika kowalewska - To all the people I've met in my life who have felt mistreated, bullied, singled out and have felt like outsiders: this is for you. As well as everyone looking at this on the internet, please know that there is hope and that whatever you're going through is temporary and "this too shall pass". We are all human beings that deserve to be treated with respect, and we should love one another instead of pointing out our differences. The world is filled with enough chaos, let's spread love instead. Christie  Guidry  - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Robbie Reed
Julie Richards - Everyone is equal.  No H8. Love is love. Andrea Miller - Sorry didn't have any duct tape Vince Martinez Melissa Hester - Just me
Austin  Grimes  - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone David Wendler - Support from Germany :-) Karina Vazquez - San Diego, NO H8 Emily Antoine - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
Jen Boling brandice_75647 - Friends for equality John Roberts  - #Equality Suzie Djidjoli - Honey & Lace supports the fight for human equality and the creation of a society where there is NOH8!
Rocksand Summers - Sharon and Rocksand support NoH8 at the liberty Game  Madison Square Garden 2017 Cedric Gilbert - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Simply MJ - Kim Maravilla Bituin supports NO H8 Campaign (Gender Equality and Stop Violence against women Indigo Libra  - Showing my support, let's all show are strength and stand up
Wayi - Love, peace and equality Asha Bouska - On this day, 20 Sep 2017, I, Brady Jackson, officially pledge to NOH8. Bethany Ryan - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Tracey Watkins
Jashica Ta - Love is love. We all are the present and future. All we see is love between race, and equality between love as human beings.