NY Senate Approves Marriage Equality!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

In a historic vote, the New York Senate has voted 33-29 to pass a state bill (Bill 5045) legalizing same-sex marriage. The bill contains critical protections for the rights of religious and not-for-profit institutions, which means that these institutions are free to perform or not perform ceremonies as they see fit. As we continue to fight against discrimination in pursuit of equal rights for all people, the NOH8 Campaign celebrates this victory for the LGBT Community!


A young boy we met in Atlanta earlier this year proudly poses with his mothers' Marriage Certificate for his photo. His parents had gotten married in California during its brief legalization in 2008.

Senator Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, NY, who had previously been reported as being undecided in his vote, gave an incredibly poignant speech before delivering his vote in favor of the bill. He spoke about how doing the research and reflecting on previous comments he'd made to the contrary, he had come to the conclusion there was absolutely no reason he could cite for him to be able to deny the same rights he shares with his wife to same-sex couples.

"A man can be wiser today than yesterday," Senator Grisanti said.

We celebrate with our friends and supporters in New York this evening, and hope this progress is a sign of many good things to come as this incredible year for LGBT rights continues.

Let us all continue the momentum -- BE HEARD!


Congratulations to the LGBT Community in New York! Truly, it's where dreams are made of. :)

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