NOH8 Renews Scouts for Equality "Call to Action"

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

On January 1, 2014, the Boy Scouts of America began allowing openly gay youth to participate in Scouting, until they turn 18. While this half-step is a sign of progress, by putting an age limit on membership for gay Scouts and Scout leaders, their “new” position continues to promote the idea that being gay is not acceptable.

The NOH8 Campaign stands with Scouts for Equality in calling for an end to the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders alike, creating an inclusive environment that supports all scouts. In order to encourage scouts to take a stand and make a difference, we've introduced a call to action to all scouts that support equality: let's put a face to the fight!

Any Scout for equality who attends a NOH8 photo shoot in uniform to show their support will receive a complimentary NOH8 photo. Just bring your uniform and a scout ID! You can find a list of upcoming NOH8 events by clicking here.


Jennifer Tyrrell and Garrett Bryant

Last year, NOH8ers stood with Scouts for Equality and the efforts of GLAAD to successfully move the BSA one step closer to inclusion following the expulsion of Scout Ryan Andresen and leader Jennifer Tyrrell (pictured). 2014 is a new year, but the BSA’s ban still hurts youth and the qualified leaders trying to serve them. Whether it is an adult Eagle Scout like Geoff McGrath who was selected by his church to be a Scoutmaster, or a newly pinned Eagle Scout like Pascal Tessier when he turns 18, this ban is wrong. Eagle Scout Garrett Bryant (also pictured above) was recently denied a summer job with the Boy Scouts when they discovered his sexuality.

Please help ensure that the BSA stands for all Americans, not just some Americans.


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