My NOH8 Photos 501-750

orlando rodriguez - 1/18/2011
Ashley Baer - No one deserves the judgement different people get everyday... No matter who you are or who you want to be no one deserves hate. Corey Hudson - Model
Sarah Park - Photographer Alexis Williams - My First of many NOH8 Photos(: <33
Inca Brown-Montalvo - I Support In a big way everyone should be treated we all share the same color blood and should be Loved equal Stop the hate Sincerely Mrs.Montalvo Dee - NOH8 Just LOVE <3 Anthony  Antoine  - Home shot taken hours after I posed during the successful Atlanta stop of the No H8 Campaign on 01-16-11.  Adam Bouska was a jewel to everyone.  The event was organized to perfection and fun to attend.  Brittany - ALL LOVE NO H8
Peter Ciavarellaa - Stop the discrimination and bullying. We're all human, we're all the same. Your decision to hurt someone or to be kind to them can mean their life. Stop the H8 Felicia Dedam SlimGoodyQT - SHOWING ALL THE LOVE! Special K - Me and my daughter
josie - Friends Josie and Kyle- Lotus Moon Photography Ange jadeben Gio - Equality.
Phylicia Cortinas Ruby - I am who I am. Be your own judge. Daniela Heyn - no hate.... stop discrimination and racismn garett ramirez - I posed for the NOH8 campaign because everyone should be treated equally. We are all people with real love.
Steviewevie - Thanks Jeff Parshly and Adam Bouska for starting this campaign Rob, RJ - My Support For NOH8 Rachelle Bunch - Rachelle's picture mathilde macé - Marina (left) & Mathilde (right)
Désolée d'avoir utilisé du papier aluminium mais la brune a perdu le rouleau de scotche gris ^^" Sorry
Javan Hamilton - Legalize 'gay' in the Bible Belt... Cole Sartell Dustin Gauthier emilee pondwater
Greta Chansen - NOH8 Author Faze Enrique Yandall - Picture i took for the campaign :D Autumn Alyssa
Panda - Amanda Dixon NO-H8 Taken by Ariel Dixon Lexie Thorson tim garcia - Tim Carlisle Garcia, Pleasanton CA - We must stand on the side of love and against hate! Reyfanny Febriana - Support NOH8 Campaign. Xoxo. Ps, I'm from Indonesia
Niken Al-Fadjrin - NO-H8!! Brytt - Me and my amazing girlfriend. Jackson Byrd -  Well, I live in the bible belt... AKA hell on earth for people "like me." If you catch my drift it isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to be yourself in Texas. I personally was hoping for an official noh8 shoot in Dallas, but I don't think that's happening soon... Stay strong everyone:) brandon mansfield - i will live my life the way i want to!!
Lifegoeson LGO - NOH8 Campaign
Short Stuff Sam Sheehan - Love!!! NOH8!!!! I took this for all my LGBT friends and family. You don't have to be an LGBT to fight for equal rights! ♥ Natalie Carpentier - Made this and shared the idea with facebook and my Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club.
anne joelle josaphat - I recently discovered my cousin was gay, and so many people were against it. No matter what i love him and he is the same whether he is straight or gay:) Dani - I took this picture of my husband and little girl, because we want her to grow up in a world where everyone has equal rights and where she has the freedom to love whomever she wants. Cordelia T. - Cordelia Tönnies A.J. - This is a picture of my wife and I. I am posing with my guitar, and she is laying with her notebook and pen. Writing and Music are the channels we use to express ourselves, and one of the ways we fight for equality.
Leila neville - Master Artist and Education Director David Gulino showing his support for NoH8 JAsslyn Page - I don't see color. Nor should you.
Photographer: Jasslyn M. Page
Model: Jessie Lee Milam Patrycja Kempa - No tolerance and no respect - it freaks me out! Tina - We recently got married after 9 years of being together. Our whole wedding party and many of the guest posed for NO H8 pictures after our wedding. This is my favorite of us.
Andrew Tollefson Kristy Llerena - Everyone has the rite to be who they are! Elise Haney - Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.
Dr. Seuss Tori Carr - a purple heart to da fallen LGBTQ youth && community.!
Lucas Calloway mimi - Homosexuality is god's way of insuring that the truly gifted aren't burdened with children.  ~Sam Austin Nicco Starr - Come say hello on facebook! xoxo Peter Nguyen - Photo taken by me, Pier Nguyen(Fashion Photographer, R&B/Pop Artist, and Model). My model Ambrea. Fashion is beautiful, but it also sends out a strong message. Reach me at:
Nikki Denis Gosia Wojczuk - 
inspired by Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls Sabrina Consolascio - Gena takes Not Hating seriously! Tayls6661 - My NOH8 photo.
matt john - Hi all

My personal Facebook page is:

Film-maker/ Publicist/ Photographer

emuhlysmile Denis Kurmanov - Unfold your fingers and uncover your mouth. Ryan Young - I am an LGBT genderqueer Native American and I just wanted to do my interpretation of the NOH8 campaign :)
melanie smallblueangel - smallblueangel Kareem Merchant RamonBennedictus - Ramon Jesica Saldana
MatthewHilton my_Liberty - NOH8 in my vision Mashaya Tharp - NOH8 <3 Casey Waggoner - Capture Photography
JiaSyuan Lin - Hello~~ Will Portalatin - LIVE LIFE - SPREAD LOVE - END H8! BFlyTruth - Bind my hands but never my thoughts. 

C. Truth itzmzhomoyo - Diana
Bassett Lauren Rose Jess - Britt & Jess- #Equality Its the truth! Hans  - I'm A Gay Hispanic Photographer in Kc,MO.
and I SUPPORT the NOH8 Campaign!
YounGG MiiKK - YounGG MiiKK reppin da small town of Brewster, WA 98812 Caitlyn Worthington Sondra Riley Maggie  Sipe - 3/21/11 Maggie Sipe
TheGayGymnast - H8 is over R8ted!/IamAGleekFreak Cody Darr - My Personal NOH8 photo. Natália Lara - My first NOH8! Shannen NOH8!
Tina Degeer - Sexy mother of 3 say's NOH8!!!! Robert Shirley II Cuddly Corey - Cuddly Corey's NoH8 picture J.R. GRAFF - J.R. GRAFF ~ No H8
Dana Allen Keener - Dana Allen shows some No H8 support Bryan - Father of two boys and happily married to a great guy! Enriko Fallen - In Gods eyes we are all the same! - Sabrina McNulty
Corey Thoss - My NOH8! Elizabeth da Costa - after the NOH8 Shoot in ATL Toby vd W - Toby Andrea Malay - this is my friend Shannon Marie Elizabeth. we do a home photo shoot on St Patty's Day this year & this is my fav pose I had her do :)
RompeCorazones - Drag King group ROMPECORAZONES from San Diego, CA. Showing our support to the NOH8 campaign. tif - I didn't have tape sorry if its not right but its me and that's perfect lol and my hate is a bit off ): Tara Belaire Chrispy - Percy Danforth (my transgender teddy bear) and I.
Briana Hoffman jesus martinez - my NOH8 photo Aj Muldrew - AJ & Kim Joe Huber
cinthya de la torre - Clean your eyes...before you judge...
Equal rights movement
Only L♥ V E Heather Jastrzemski ali saleh - NOH8!! Deivid Eden - Be heard! NOH8!
Deltrece Daniels Maria brothers - No discrimination! jordan rivera Brittany Newcomb - This is my friend Erin Patterson. I took this picture for a self-assignment in my photography class.
marco prado Qou - "Never be afraid to be you" Victoria Santos - NOH8 cj
DSnow - I feel like this is a really great campaign. I know everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions but I really don't think that anyone should have the right to tell someone how to live their life or who they can be with. I feel that if you are able to, in this really complicated world, find someone who makes you happy, it shouldn't matter if it is a man, woman, black person, white person, asian person, hispanic person, jewish person, christian person, etc.. If you find someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with, NO ONE should try and stop you.
I am so tired of people who think they are so self-righteous when they are really ignorant, and hateful. 
I am not the most religious person, but last time I checked EVERYONE is equal in the eyes of God. I don't recall fine print saying everyone, except gays and lesbians, are equal in the eyes of God. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that you live the life you are meant to live no matter what. You have choices but ultimately you make all the decisions that lead you on the path you were intended to be on.
I guess what I am trying to say is that God made people who were meant to be straight, God made people who were meant to be gay. How can anyone say that either of these lifestyles is wrong or immoral. I know there is the whole nature vs. nurture debate but honestly, again in my opinion, you are who you were intended to be and that should be good enough for everyone.

I know I seem to be on a soap box, but this is just an issue that gets under my skin. I have seen the face of people who look at some people like they have a disease because they are gay, and when I see that i think of this one day, when I sat in a classroom and listened and watched as a person whom I envied and respected stood in front of a classroom full of their peers and read a poem that revealed that this person was in fact gay and in love. This person's voice shook and they blushed but they were stronger than most people I know and have ever met. I would have been terrified to do such a thing especially after I looked around me and saw some of the reactions this person got. 

 People should not be scared or reluctant to share with people who they like or love. God knows I have blabbed on and on about boys I have liked through the years. Why should it be easy, and acceptable for me to do it and not for others? Why should it be ok for a girl to date a complete jerk but it not be ok for a girl to date a really great girl? Why should it be ok for a guy to date a complete jerk but it not be ok for a guy to date a really great guy?
I guess, to make a long story short (too late), I am really against intolerance and I think a person should love whoever they wish to and be loved for it no matter what. BB L WORD LGBT - Car dans la constitution, nous naissons tous libres et égaux en droits, il ne doit pas y avoir de discriminations !

Giada H. Taylor Roberts G. A. Hauser - Support NOH8! Equal rights for everyone.
Ty'Ree Mosby - No H8 Campaign Skye Harris - FORGOT THE TAPE. Next Time. (; Carlos Valle - I love supporting <3 David Slaga - This was a NOH8 pic I did on my own. Peace.
Ronnie - My First Picture. Wish they had a photo shoot in Columbus Ohio Monique Fontaine - Monique Fonatine... my verison of the NOH8... hope u like it
Photo taken by Anna Patin.. Angela Chansky - I took part in the Boston NOH8 photo shoot on March 27th...I had a little fun with the tat and tape after. mathias silvera - NO
Nathan Zinck - My photo contribution to the NOH8 campaign. kontraversy BigBake Andrea Grizzle - Three best friends in support of one another. Always.
mike buzzell - Just messing around one night. missangelica90 - Been wanting to do this for ages and finally did in October 2010! Rik - NOH8 Self-Portrait: 03/27/11 Linda Norcross
John Silvia - John Silvia Music NOH8 campaign logo DeReZzy F'n Baby & Alita Your Future Actress  - De-ReZzy and Alita your future Actress Liebizzare tyler jean - I believe in equality.

I'm young, but I know this isn't a "phase". Conrad - Pinoys' don't HATE.
Joy Lawlor - L-O-V-E Chad Gagnon - Silence The Hate
Manchester NH Jessica Fletcher - I pose because my friends, family, and role models deserve the right to LOVE and be LOVED any way they choose. 

"You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way. Now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time. ‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz you were born this way bitch!" 

Elizabeth Cordova - This picture was taken for my own NOH8 photo shoot over a year ago. For a photography class project, I made a 3D collage of the pictures I took. It turned out great. Hopefully, the other participants in my shoot will make their own NOH8 profile, as well.
Jay - Bigotry towards sexual preferences make me angry! Marissa Callori - NOH8 !! Alysha Waldren Natalie Orlando - Natalie Orlando
Stephanie Spivak - NOH8 <3 Crisstina Monnge - Crisstina Monge ^^ _CrizzPlop - Kat - I took this picture because I believe that differences should be celebrated. I know what it's like to be bullied for being different, but because I fought to be equal and to have my voice be heard, I came out stronger on the other side. I believe that we should live in a world where EVERYONE is equal, and no one should be excluded from being able to have the same rights that I was born with. I feel that it's a great hypocrisy that in a country that promises liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that the government is even trying to take those things away from people. That's why I pose for NOH8!
wandinka87 - All we need in this world is some love! Geralynn Prince - NOH8 Houston Kayla Glaser Jule Jacob - Be proud of who you are. <3
Juan Leon - | I Love My Boyfriend | - Support Us. Holly L Young - "I AM TIRED OF THE HYPOCRISY & DISCRIMINATION" against anyone who is DIFFERENT!! Everyone should be treated EQUALLY! No matter WHO you love, WHAT you look like, or WHO you ARE!! These are OUR decisions to make, NOT any city, state or government!! Let people BE, LOVE & LIVE the way they want!! I am so grateful that Adam Lambert came into my life! He has a Beautiful Soul and made feel that IT'S OK to be different! He gave me the confidence to be Proud of being different! I was bullied & picked on when I was younger. I've always felt I do not "fit in." I still get insulted, picked on & discriminated against even now because I am "different." Being Wiccan, born a healer & blessed with other gifts-a lot of people cannot accept or understand me & my religious beliefs, or the fact that I like to be different: My hair color, piercings, the way I dress, etc. I am a part of NOH8-to let anyone out there know-who feels as I do--that YOU are not alone!! :0) I will continue to do whatever I can to HELP promote Gay Rights/Marriage until I can't anymore!! Blessings, Love & Light to all!! <3 'Lana alex aliabadi - NOH8....
joanna fletcher keahi - make it count.... Danielle Turgeon - This is my NOH8 picture, NOH8 is such an insiration to me, thank you :) barbara webb
sharon brown Amy Vrtis - KAMY <3 ashley gollub Courtney Caylor - That's just me. :P In case anyone wonders, the hand sign I'm making means "I love you" in Sign Language. <3
Dillz - My first ever NOH8 pic taken this morning! :D Amanda Aurio Stacey Andrew - stacey andrew, seveteen. picture taken: 08/04/11. jayson - my second noh8 pic
Jesse Christopher Fenwick mick - Had fun at the shoot today. Keep up the good work and keep it coming. Peace, Malcolm a.k.a Horchata RyLynn - i didn't have duct tape. sorry.
Natalie K. - While a general photoshooting in Essen, Germany my friends and I thought I'd be amazing to support the NO H8 Campaign ThisizEm Tegan Dean Cox - NOH8 from Perth, Western Australia! Troy Shellard
Joseph Pascale Taneka Goodrich - iFap Entertainment recording artist Franki Loves the supports NO H8 campaign Gilbert Martinez - Behind the illusion of happiness. Ghleanna Tecala - I believe everyone deserve as chance. Silence is beautiful and love is love. Love is not reserved or an item, it is a feeling. Everyone has feelings, they deserve to show them. Adam Bouska, your work is beautiful. So to you Sir, i say thank you.
NoH8Baylee Jennifer H - Love, Love, Love! Heather  Bink - NoH8 mikethought - My kids. 
Antonella Tecca Kathy Maynard - I support NOH8 Erika Joe Lambert - Sorry, it's really rough made! I will have a photoshoot later on when I have time! Then it will look much much better! Ree - 4/15/11
Rey  Vy - Sarey Rey Savy ((born March 1, 1996) professionally known as "Rey Vy" originally from TV's "America's Got Talent" as a top 40 semi-finalist shows his support for NOH8. LashOutLexxi Michael Forthman Sami K.
Gilbert Lipata - John Gilbert Lipata Jenna Fox - Jenna Fox showing her support for the NOH8 campaign while on-set of her new film JANE FRIDAY. sarahpink Davril Julie - <3
Elaine Alatriste - Photo by The Picture Lady, Elaine Alatriste.
Elena A., Elena H., Maritza C., Anie B., Michelle C.,Elaine A. natalie Alatriste - our version of no h8, Natalie A Elizabeth Terry - The bullies and the bullied tied together with a common goal: to end the cycle of fear that causes LGBTQIA individuals to end their own lives. Maritza Calderin - Maritza Cristina
Photo by: The Picture Lady
Hillary Morris-Freake MEDIA ATTACK - BREAK RULES! Miguel Silva - - Enfrentar os preconceitos é o preço que se tem de pagar para ser diferente *-* spring ivey - This photo is of me Spring and I support NOH8, I am a lesbian and I am proud of who I am
alejandro zambrano Elena Alvarez - Elena Alvarez, Photo by The Picture Lady, Elaine Alatriste Gustavo Linares - I Hate Haters. Do you? Stacie Torres
Alex Munford ROMAN ALINA charm ocampo - NO H8...JUST LOVE & EQUALITY! <3 Christopher Murray - tattoo for equality.
Hannah Frost - NOH8 from Oz. Marine Davril Atlan - Marine Atlan Sydney Miller - I have many close friends and family members who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/etc. I love them all so much and their voice deserves to be heard. I take action with the NOH8 Campaign to show them my love and support. Calum Richardson - Created using Photoshop.
Brigi L.-Kovács - Don't let h8ers bring you down! Libi Keisler Jessica M - This is dedicated to one of my closest friends who is gay, as well as every gay/lesbian out there. Everybody deserves to love. ♥ Lucas Horns
WillyGaga - NOH8 SHOOT corey porter Dep - My friend Seth, agreed to help me with my Project 365 (A project where you document a year of your life, one photo per day) and this is an outtake from that photo shoot. I reaklly wanted to use the photo that I chose for my 365, but I am not willing to release all of my rights to it, so this will have to do.

We had tried using halloween makeup to create the NOH8 symbol, but it just did not photograph well. The 8 looked pink. So, Seth jumped on his computer and created these nifty stickers that we cut out (some of us are bad at rounds ;) ) and they worked fabulously.

Seth and I are friends. I have a wonderful partner of 23 years and although I would have loved him to be my partner in this, he is very camera shy. Maybe some day, with the help of this campaign and the people who support it, there won't be a need for anyone to be camera shy.

Stop the hate.

rosetta neblett
susan ciancaglione - Susan Ciancaglione - Philadelphia, PA Drama Queen - Support NOH8 Lisy - Lissette Torres Gonzalez. In support of the NO H8 campaigne all the way!!! bxbabii - love my people no matter what they are and everyone should do the same so the world could be a better place to live in
aylin - ALL <3 NOH8 brandy kelly - DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!! Nicole Gonzalez ryan trufant - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Ryan Jacob Trufant & my great friend Bruce!
Natasha Martinez - Noh8
My Girlfriend and Me! =) Trey Gilliam - Trey Gilliam Nemo  - NOH8 ;D HENRIQUE LANES WAWGINIAKS
Cherrie V - CherrieV  bearlaw1968