My NOH8 Photos 2001-2250

james gibson gracie dwyer - noh8 Natalyee Passeraux - Natalyee&Marie, Poland. Au'Vey Smith - My nephew and niece help support the No H8 Campaign.
Hayley G. jamie sweetapple - i am bisexual .
please no h8 ! equal people - My NOH8 Clare Panek - noh8<3
Alexis Schreiber - Imagine. A world with no hate.  alexcantdraw - description. Em - I have NO H8. felicia fowler
Wyatt Kane - Love who you are, cause I do. anu kiviluoma Angel obrien - ME ashley walter - NoH8 <3
Desi - I accept people for who they are and love them. Sandra Amorim Natasha Nassar - God made you unique, with your thoughts and feelings, you're one of a kind. be free, be proud love and never hate Alberth Lucio - Homosexuality is not a crime!
Heart made with cardboard & aluminum foil.
Steve Milano Michael Stephenson - This same photo is my Facebook profile photo...  today August 13 2012  someone made a comment saying that its disturbing and the people they work with think its not nice.....  Keep moving foward!!  I say Angelika Nifontova Marlene Felix - My own <3 #NOH8
Danny  Love - LA pride Stefan CR - Hey...I'm Stefan from Trinidad and Tobago. I firmly believe in and will always fight for Equal Rights for everyone no matter what. We live in a world that needs the maximum amount of love that can be generated. Let us not waste time HATING. Life is Love and Love is God. NOH8 xoxo echotastic kevin - :)
emm elle Julielle - Michelle and Julia rebecca falardeau - Pride 2012- Maine Cara Pelletier
Kristy Strickland petteruiz - 2013-NOH8 Angela Hernandez - Angela Marcela Hernandez. Bogota, Colombia. Photographer: Sebastian Hoyos. "I will too fight for your right to love anyone you want. NO H8" @anmaheca Ritu kc - no hate.
Sebastián Hoyos González - Sebastián Hoyos González Bogotá. Photographer Mar Hernández.
Because we cannot continue chained to the will of conservative polititians. Chloe Heath lucas petrelli - my name is lucas petrelli im gay,and support the campaign Bonnie Oates - My daughter and I would like to show our support in that everyone needs LOVE!
Anita  Melody Evans - Anita Melody andres suarez - todos reímos iguales emily sladtser - I support the NOH8 campaign. Do you? Innarg - We live in one world , so NO hate !
Hoodieskin - Hi! my name is "You" Cinnamon Michelle - My name is Cinnamon, I probably wouldn't have to say much after that. It gets worse 4'11 and a teen mom. All grounds are covered for fun and games. I chose the picture of my stomach because i once carried my beautiful 10 month old son Davin, when i first got pregnant the first thing my son's grandmother said was "you have to get an abortion." She hated that I was having her son's child. She hated that I wouldn't kill my own precious baby. My son is my life and the thing that keeps my faith alive. I wouldn't change being a teenage mother but i would warn girl to wait until they are married to concieve a child. Martin Bernate - Just be happy and proud of who you are, enjoy every second of your life, it doesn't matter the way you do it. Tanisha Cintron
John LeBlanc - MY Friends poseing for a NOH8 photo
on the left is Sammy on the right is liz! Tarkana88 - From my first photoshoot for No H8 here in Kitchener Ontario Canada! <3 alecia onyeulo - real tat on my fingers, queer & proud Joey
Kris Nakasone - SF pre photo shoot! Faith Campbell Morgan Maher - Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. gwendolyn davies - Red white and Gay
Jasmine Hobson - #NoH8 Campaign.
Model:Olivia Sosa SweetNibblets84 - Official NoH8... Making a stand for Equality! ALL LOVE NOH8. No matter who you are or where you from,LOVE is meant to be spread upon everyone. Shelley Ourian - We all yearn for love and acceptance - no matter what we, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, lesbian, transgender, any size, any color, or any disability... Ana Vargas
Juanita Pineda - we have our own ways angeleyez - this is a picture a friend of mine took at the campaign in Hartford, Connecticut on May 22, 2012 Marlene Felix - Love knows no age, race, or gender. So why discriminate those who are different? #NoHate Josh - All ♥ NOH8
Little Luna - Friends being the voices where some arent safe enough to be heard. Jose Justiniano - Speak up. NO H8. BDG - My version of NOH8 after attending the photo shoot in Providence, RI.  Glad to be a part of this terrific campaign for equality and human rights! djpapi - NOH8 at La Pride 2012
Karenina Castro Patricia Siapno Amber Brook jamie van steen - No h8
Callie Nelson - All Love No H8 :) Matthew Kehl - Since there hasn't been an NOH8 event near me, I decided to do my own at home! Justin  Cole - For our son's 5th Birthday shoot we decided to take a family photo as well that was meaningful and powerful.  And we plan to use it for our 2012 holiday card, "Decorate with NOH8!" Erin Koscelansky
GIWC - The Gathering International Worship Center Brian  Sparks - PROTECT ALL FAMILIES! Tylor Santiago - My friend Justin and I are really inspired by this campaign and it means a lot to us. This is our version of the NOH8 Campaign photos. Photography By: Justin Inscoe. Edited By: Tylor Santiago justin inscoe
Deanna Falls - At the No H8 shoot in Fresno, Ca Lauz Ca - Daisy Delora - One of many :D Kelly Dozier - Our father never had the chance to marry our mother before she succumbed to lupus. Everyone, whether hetero or homosexual, deserves the opportunity to be married to the person they love. Love Always, Kelly & Reagen Dozier
macguerrero Laine Hagan - My friend Saul and my husband Shane doing a shoot for me for NOH8 :) Tim Franco - The best people in my life. They have always stood up for me and have always stood by me and accepted me. They are amazing people who not only inspire love and acceptance in all, but also actively fight for it. I love each and every one of them. Vince Fisher - Don't H8 people!
kerry fisher Darren Aiello - We are proud to be their uncles( My partner and I ).... I love my Family...... roberta fisher - We did this photo shoot because some people still have no common sense. Love my family, Dare, Tim, Cindy, Kim, Nicole, Drew.  Alice Franco - This is my family. My son, his partner, his partner's mother and me. Their love is amazing and inspiring. I love them all.
Jenn - just a trans woman trying to send a message, btw I didn't have duck tape but I will upload one with the tape soon too promise. Bryan Lee - Bryan Lee supports NOH8! Eugene Lindeman Cortney Pitcher
Matt Beastall - NoH8: Because equality is for everyone. Gilbert Gonzalez Jr - Gilbert Gonzalez Jr makes a homemade "NoH8" campaign photo. Rose Cook - Love begets  love! Emma - Ellen
Daniel Sweet VERONICA GAONA - NOH8- Veronica Gaona lisalaing - MARIA N LISA -- TOGETHER 5YRS Ali - NOH8 everyone is equal and everyone should love each other! stop the hate!
Laura Munoz - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone Emilie Taylor - Emilie Taylor - self portrait. 
"I'm the one who has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to." - Jimi Hendrix Ask Jilda - Ash Chandra
Tamara Nebitno MaNi kesie Katrin B.
Greta Yeomans - Supporting!^_^ RJ - No to Discrimination, Bullying and Hate! Keep on Smiling. :) Елизавета Чертоляс Batzy Zaid - Windsor Pride Parade.
Suku Rivera - I'm a pierced and tattooed Puerto Rican with a Korean name and I don't speak Spanish. I've been bullied as kid. I hung out with the "different" kids at school. I have friends and family that are gay. I have friends and family that you may consider "fat" or "too skinny". My friends and family are so diverse, that there is literally a member of every race that is close to me. I don't judge. I don't hate. WHY? Simply because we are HUMANS FIRST. #NOH8 Kelly Mason Kristen Shelton - All love, NOH8!! koncsimoncsi
michael frost - noh8 with love from uk leeann thompson Victor Serapiglia - Part of the young gay community!, proud to be who I am and hopefully be heard by the cruel world we´re all living. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! Jnaina Hakimi
Monique Loya - 3BFF's Jhonathan Kunesch - NO! H8 Everyone deserves to be respected not bullied. Fabiola Elizabeth  Franco Alex  Wakely - My friend Megan and I support Noh8
Christianne Little alexandrìa alvarado zaragoza - NOH8!! by: Alexandrìa a.Z(: Chrtistina Hamel Trice - photo taken during @NOH8Campaign Open Photo Shoot in Chicago.
Roshelle Baron LuisCosta98 - NO
H8! Melissa Kelbus Angela Daye - I was once nervous about telling people I liked girls. It got worse when people from school found out. But now, I've come to realize they're only people. And peoples opinions no longer mean much to me anymore. I'm proud to be who I am. You should be, too.
Andrephotos - In support of this campaign Sela - I have been following the NOH8 campaign from the moment I heard about it. I have never been able to make it a photo shoot, so I decided to do my own amateur photo when I was a Junior or Senior in high school. Dan Rutherford - Me as a Stormtrooper, even the Empire supports NOH8 Shonda Thurman - Velma Von Tussel and Motormouth Maybelle say NOH8
L - NOH8 just LOVE! josh morris - NOH8 Jesse Johnson  - THINK.... before you speak. You can accomplish more speaking calmly and with kindness. Non violence is the answer to end the suffering that LGBTQ face not only from those that are NOT LGBTQ, but from those within the community itself. We must stop H8ing one another if we want to achieve equality. Words can be violent, they can cause wars, and instill fear into the masses. Even a rude or mean response to someone who is "hating on you" is still considered HATE. A "hater" does not deserve anything from you except for silence. You do not owe any explanation for who you are. The rise against hate will only be when we ALL learn to stop ALL ugly messages whether it is directed at someone or if it is in defense of someone. We must come together and challenge one another to be silent. There is no stronger nonviolent response to messages of hate except for the silence in unity we spread with this campaign.  "Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals." -Martin Luther King Jr. 
Linda Aragon - The Aragons
Melissa Chavez - NOH8 Campaign! cj Mario Tabarés - All of us are humans, let´s respect ourselves. Tori Pavlock - In this photo, the cast and crew of The Laramie Project at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre (8 p.m., Sept. 8 – call 575-2223 for tickets!) participate in The NOH8 Campaign: a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California. A worldwide movement, photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced, with "NOH8" painted on one cheek in protest. The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest.
Leeann Hughes Hadley - Even Man's best pal can support :) Michelle Bourque - We created our own NOH8 campaign to raise money for a local organism that helps gay community by offering: psychological support, education & understanding to community and also defends gay people rights.

We asked participants to sign an agreement of publication for these pictures, but in fact, they are sooo proud of their pictures, they all posted it on their Facebook pages! 

We would like to take the time to thank each one personally for their generosity. From left to right, top to bottom: Sylvie Vincent, Maxime Phaneuf, Émilie Trudel, Francisco Correa, Jo P., Virginie Allard, Maria Miramontes, Marisol Gélinas, Marco Turgeon, Martine Moreau, Philippe Arel, François Lemire, Martine Charbonneau, Mathieu Coursol, Nomis, Michelle Bourque, Nancy Lussier, Anna B., François-Emmanuel Royer.

By this event, we also explained the roots of the NOH8 campaign to people around us and it gave them some drive for the shooting (which you can see all the pictures that have been approved by the participants on this poster). 

By this event, we have touched many persons with your cause and you gained their support. Ashley - NOH8  Shh.
Tommy Lofgren Elena Valenzuela - Peace & Love. Dina Von Leroy - @Dina_von_Leroy Daniel Smith - The Picture I chose to campaign for NOH8. Equal Love for all
Vandaisia - no h8 just love... Jennifer Hryck Ron Wolfe II - one of these days I will make it to an open shoot! Briana Lachance - Everyone deserves to be treated equal
Markitow25 - NOH8 jessica simon - no h8 Cee's - Culinary Student NOH8 Photo Yasmin Jassoo
ihavethecyrusvirusx - Str8 against h8. Despite being a Hetrosexual, I am all for LGBT Rights! <3 Shannon Johnstone - Since i can't visit you guys in Los Angeles, here's my picture! all love is equal xo Gabriele Cooper Nizarendany Badillo - Man? Female? What does it matter? When you were asked what you wanted to be? We are all equal.
Fig - No H8 Jessie Frost - NOH8 Molly & Jessie pita2040 Antonio Rosales Flores - My NOH8
Laura Leroy - i'm Laura, from France :) Red - Dedicated to the cause; at one of my many 2012 rallies.... Rosamaria Cirelli - No hatred, for all of those girls like me, who got trash thrown at them on their school bus. For the girls who prefer boy's clothes, and get called sir and then are repeatedly insulted when they correct the mistake; insulted for being "deceiving", and for not just "expecting" people to be confused. For the girls who like their hair short. For the boys who like their hair long, or like to wear makeup, or dresses. For anyone who is different and not afraid to show it. Hatred should be reserved for those who hate, not those expressing who they are. Love is love and bigotry should have no part in it. Jennifer Buckner - My name is Neelah.  I'm a dog who supports NOH8!
Paula Orteu Dolly - I am fighting against hate in really hateful country. All I can offer is me. Joseph Lee - NOH8 tattoo!! Got this done inside both my ears. Its has a lot of people talking :) tomooakie todie - TOMOOAKIE
WeHo - WeHo for NOH8 Christine Ritacca - Chris & Annelise Ritacca Jerraleen Balais - I am not an American citizen, neither a resident of California but I am one of the many people who strive to make a better world. I submit my NoH8 self-portrait in support to gender equality in hopes that someday, the place where I live (and anywhere else in the world), people will be able to exercise their freedom to love and just BE. Anna Chuvashina - Photo by Vera IRVIN
Cory Snyder - I may not be the best looking person, but at leasst I know what the world needs:LOVE NOH8. Sam Michler - I have found this campaign to be so moving. So, I'm joining in! I'm sorry it's not that good, but more to come, including pics of our speech on NO H8 at my school. I love this idea and the whole purpose. :D <3 Emily Davidson korando kanales - NOH8 Photo by: Roberto Dawe Model: Korando
Vin Testa - At the DC photo shoot! No H8 in my st8! Aleyda Martinez Nazzy Jessica  Luhman - NOH8 Just love <3
Michelle Pasternack andrea reveron eri - all <3 no h8 <3 Lesa Kelley - Lesa Kelley
Sandra Diaz Jay  Curtis - F#%@ THE HATERS Ashlee-Ann Sneller - My name is Ashlee-Ann, I'm 18 and I believe in this campaign. Why? Because I believe that EVERYBODY has a right to love whomever they choose, and racial discrimination is NOT okay under any circumstances. I have had to watch as some of my closest friends have been cruelly mocked, taunted and criticized just because of their ethnicity and their sexuality. That is NOT okay. No one has the right to make someone feel so inferior that they come to believe that this is what they deserve, that because of who they love and what race they come from that they suddenly are not equal to those around them. They are beautiful people, inside and out! RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IS NOT RIGHT & SAME SEX COUPLES SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO MARRY! 

NOH8 <3 Narissa Webb
Patrick Elliott - Be true to yourself. Never give up to society. You are your own person. EXPRESS ORIGINALITY FREELY. annie Marot - Equality.Protestation Rachelle Narcisse - No H8 photoshoot in Long island, NY Jayda  Knight - Brianna Leigh and Jayda Knight
Dominick Jones - Every face counts, let yours count too! Katelyn Hunt - My boyfriend, who is a FTM trans, and I got NOH8 tattooed the other day. Mine, which is pictured, is on my left shoulder blade. It is a little different from the average "NOH8", but I absolutely love it. It is a permanent part of me now and I couldn't be happier! Kyle White Kookie - Gay. Str8. NOH8.
Anna Davies giadaalbini Michael Lush - NOH8 Jake Lefebvre
bryanbelo - Don't hate what you don't understand. Jessica Cox Taylor Milks - 5 year old activist :p Amanda Dickey
ruby duarte - Pride in WeHo 20 12<3 Brandy Novak - Spread love and not H8 Brandi Cox - Taken at Bennet COllege in North Carolina. For their BRIDES Gay Pride week. Amy Carter - My son, Tanner Chase Carter, 16 years old
Jay Marti - I Am Me Stephanie Helberg - My Girlfriend and I. We recently did a photo shoot, and this is one of our favorites. There are more to come. Melissa Heeres - If I do not hear anyone asking for help, who will hear me?  If I do not see harm being done to others, will anyone see me when I am hurting?  If I do not speak up for those being denied rights we are all entitled to, then how can I expect anyone to stand up for me?  Str8, NoH8 Michael Murphy - Imagine ALL the people...
Steve Schroeder - Sometimes we need to wizard-out the hate in our own heads . . . WehiLani - NO
KEEP FAITH* Betsy - For BC&XL, MB&JB, EM&CE and SP&RB. Olivia Bocanegra - Senior Picture Class of 2013
RobFather-X - RobFather-X Khader Hadwan sue moe - I was so proud of my friends for voting that my monthly theme party should be NOH8 on Halloween weekend instead of dressing in costumes...because they all wanted to have NOH8 photos in time for the November elections. EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE is a truth we should all fight for. Jovana Dinic - My wife to be an I ♥
erinkaboom - i have got tape on xD ( didnt have duck tape) Michael Meehan - Meehan Quadruplets.  Being raised by their dads. ValerieRyan85 Lesha Travoveda - Age: 18
Country: russia
Description: another tragedy, length at 18
Klara Zoe Kleplova - I took this picture after I learned my awesome friends can not get married. And I want them to! I want the cake:) and I want them to get the recognition from the state and have the rights that come with it. This implies no major change in laws, but can bring heaps of happiness. Justin Lawson -,,, Kim Ann Davis - God made us all who we are and He doesn't make mistakes. jenn stanley - J. Stanley, Alhambra CA
Christie Jackson Kevin Jorden - Kevin Jorden NOH8 Photo Shoot Jaclyn Lorscheier - My husband and I stand for NOH8! Matthew Soule - My sister and I believe in equality for all.  She came to visit me in Minneapolis MN and we had NOH8 Pics taken to share with others.  We want to spread to everyone "Please" .. Share in our belief that everyone should have equal rights!  NOH8!
Angel Powell - Took this at my university during Nat'l Coming Out Week in 2011 Ashley Goldstein - Shane & Ashley Bree Wright - my brother and i promoting NOH8! ♥ Molly Epstein
kityunes frederick_zabala - yo apoyo a la homosexualidad y soy straight btw
saludos desde Puerto Rico 
I support homosexuality and I'm straight btw
Greetings from Puerto Rico