My NOH8 Photos 1501-1750

Rod J-Monster - "Don't be insecure, if your heart is pure."  - Lady Gaga Alex Bee - We lost our silver duct tape and couldn't go out to buy another one. Sigh. Zdenek Babek - shot by Eliska Grace Uhrova
Eliska Uhrova - Shot by Zdenek Babek (from left: Zuzana Prokopova, Eliska Uhrova, Klara Krizkova) Heather Pantze David Skrzypczyk-Cole  - '' This campaign can bring the new future.. " 
- David Cole Biannca Furchtmann - My sister and I come together to represent those who have ever suffered cyber bullying on the internet, it should be stopped, there is no reason for it and too many young people today have become victim to the tormenting and ridicule effects.
ashley santoro - Awesome Angela G C - Everyone deserves a chance at a beautiful life...NOH8!!<3 Camila Bobsin - Camila Bobsin  Cody Shumate
Pierrozzz HinojosaKid - This Campaign Really Caught My Eye Because, Its Just So Wonderful How Many People Accept Gays, Bi's, Transgenders And Many More! And I Stand By Every Single Person No Matter What! 
#NOH8 Tylor Blasko - im a STRONG believer of Gay Rights, and i strongly feel that gay marriage should be legalized in EVERY state :) Julie - The name is Julie. yes i'm 100% gay. my parents are those "as long as it is not in my family" kind of people.I agree with noh8 just like the rest of the world should. one day i do plan on marrying my gf of 3 years who i am deeply inlove with.  GO NO H8!
Giu_Traum - Giulia from Italy. Lover of Love. Equality. liore dygola - ‎4,400 deaths per year are caused by suicide
And most of the suicide are cause by hate and bully's
everyone is beautiful
NOH8 Mi Keang Joo - Supporting NOH8 nailart... tj - we did this in our schools GSA class
Jayden Becker-Norman - Josie Rappold Leah Peters - I took this photo myself in my room..I drive around with the NOH8 bumper sticker & I wear the bracelet everyday! NOH8 always. <3 Jessica Horsman - I Corinthians 13:4-7
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres." love is love no matter what age, gender,  race you are. melanie lafleche
Alexandra Ostolaza - I had my own little NOH8 photo shoot :D Jessbookeater - Just noh8 Michael Leposky - Michael Leposky and Dylan Cochran - East Jordan, MI Laetitia Dubrulle - Laeti-Rose ~ France ♥♥
Adriana Branham -  NO H8 , i believe strongglyyyy in gay marriage . . . i also love jesus christ with all my heart ♥ . i walked out of church today for a reason i believe is appropriate . i do not want to hear that some one is going to hell for being gay , so walking out of church was my only option . John 3:16 god so loves the world he gave his only son , and WHOEVER shall believe him will never perish but have enternal life ♥ Christian Lastimosa - Christian L. Rabb1t - Even in such a small capacity, being a part of this campaign is important to me. As a member of the LGBT community, it's incredibly special to take a NO H8 photo to show my support for both myself and others just like me. JulieeAnnaa10 - #NOH8
@Edward_TheBear - @Edward_TheBear supports the NO H8 Campaign! #NobodyIsAlone maria hafer - my little brother has NOH8 either<3 lisa juarez - my sister jasmine, oxnard california 2012 matt gabinii
jay - my name is jacob honshul and im standing up for the rights of others and myself. and to help stop hate Kathie Rivera - NO H8 towards LGBT's. NO H8 towards BBW. tomboi4life - I took this while i waited my turn for the L.A. Photoshoot on Jan. 21,2012 @ Studio 1114! kc w - Love.Is.Louder.
Italina Holly Young Steffani - Me after the No H8 photo shoot here in SLC, UT. Chloe Riley
Harriet May - me in my kickboxing uniform :D xxx FranciscOliveira - I support this cause :x Cameron Feuerhelm - Best I could do. Wish I could get a real one done lol kristie napolitano - noh8
kelly moss - my NOH8 self portrait Jamillah Hendricks - - I am With the NOH8 Campaign . Hopefully Our voices will be heard !  Look at my Beads <3 it represents The rainbow. Yes i Have P R I D E . in who I am . A proud bisexual . Nick derrick carthon
Anibal Trejo - Taken for a school project Jeremy Stacey Brett Simpson - This is my NOH8 picture i did myself. soapreporter - Mother and son - NOH8!
Markéta V - Gay, Bi, Straight...But still human. ♥ rydravyn - Lisa Vinson 
(Rydravyn) Jason Naudi - First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

NOH8! :) Jasmine Rankin
Derrick Holt - NOH8 Jordan Sellers - Finally had the chance to do this and knew I had to and wanted to. NOH8, just LOVE <3 Austin - France Also supports NO H8 Laura de Kreij
Shantell Dale Alex - Friends and me supporting NOH8 2010. Ferret - It all starts with one step.We can all take that step towards a better tomorrow by learning to love one another, and taking that step, starts with learning to love ourselves. Kill the hatred, not each other.. Beau
Zenovia Sampson Kristie McDonald - Yes, the 'hawk is legit and I love it so. Joc - <3 James Martinez - NOH8
Dennis Carter kat patrick - I am ashamed to be a member of the human race, with hate running rampant through our streets... @eeeecarter - My mate Mel X David Rule - David Rule
Christopher Clawson - Christopher Clawson Sara Henley - My daughter, My sister, My Friend, each one of these beautiful women falls into each of those categories in one way or another. My daughter, My sister and her girlfriend of four years. Jamie SUtton Destiny - NOH8 I support
AriqAllLoveNoH8 - Brothers & Sisters Scott Page Tomorrow Waits For No One - Santa Lorena Productions and "Tomorrow Waits For No One" stand in solidarity with those opposing H8 in all its forms! Alan Campbell -

Showing my support for the cause is something I've wanted to do for some time and I'm very glad I to do so. I simply cannot understand the culture of hate in our society. It's time to end it all now.
brad  scherr - biology 701 gay bar staff in st cloud mn Tiffany K - <3 miss Angie Lique - Dutch / Miami,fl Dance Music Artist Miss Angie Lique Supports NOH8 campaign!!. Equal rights for everyone. Check her NOH8 statement during Gaypride in Amsterdam on youtube. Ess Gee - My mom was always my greatest supporter and defender; this picture was taken in 1998 in New York City and probably got the biggest laugh at her memorial service. I dedicate this face to Joy Ewing Gilbert in loving memory.
Nathan Gillis - just killing time, waiting for the professional May 22nd shoot :) Bruh - If we believe we can change, then we can!
Gay yes, but still human,like everyone Geo Latta - Geo Latta 1/30/12 Anima Vivens - We are all human. We are all equal. Cast all labels aside and embrace each other. We are one.
Eric Danis - Love this campaign... keep it up. R U guys planning to come to Canada? amanda rodgers - Picture taken and edited by myself. Yuracy - Silence is not sign of weaknes, it is sign of fear, but together we can make it disappear. Sharon McFarland - Best friends for life . . I totally support him . . <3
Kori Bogans - I made this the weekend I saw on of my old high school friend getting rocks thrown at him because of who he chooses to fall in love with. Love has no Face,Name,Gender or Age, But what it does have is a life long happiness guarantee Everyone should focus more on making each other happy instead of bringing one another down. if we did this world would be so much better, I just wish everyone could be happy with who they are and love their friends and family for who they are(thou shall not judge) Because at the end of the day we are all family created by one father The bible is the DNA test that proves it all not even the smartest doctor could tell me different. I love you all, and i wish you a life long Love and Happiness <3 Merrit Bendsen - I think it is important to support other countries.
That is why I choose the German glasses and the American flag in the backround.
WE can change the world. It's up to you!!! Alannah Vazquez - Keep your words to yourself. Abbie - Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potate ... <3 END IT ALL ...
Trimoth Emmons - Trimoth 
NOH8 lisa goodrich - Zack Baker, the first open gay man that I met with a passion in his heart for equal rights and will share his passion with everyone Manu Freire Brito - Let's change the world! Everybody has to be accepted, and everybody needs love! All we need is love! Tesher - Irene Teller.
Why people get into everything?
Why are they affected of if couples of the same sex can marry or not?
Live your life and let others live in peace.
Cavin Jones - Showing my strength against adversity! :)NOH8 Nikita Calica - See No. Hear No. Speak No. NoH8 aubrey harding - this is for peopleto have a heart who love and care or people in the world andnot have hate in anyone shafia rana - Judge me for who i am, not for what's on my head or what i look like. It's what's on the inside that counts.
Natalie Gilio - A favorite saying of mine is... " You dont fall in love with a gender, or a race, you fall in love with a person..."  Scarlett  Knight - Scarlett Knight, Author Joy Boulier - I took this photo because I Support the NOH8 Campaign Neena  Hernandez - Neena Hernandez
Tara Raghunath - Pretty pretty please
Dont you ever ever feel
Like you're nothing
You are perfect
To me. Keondra Murray - I believe... Ada-Jean Stover - My first no hate picture Ma'nyjh O'quin
Lindsay Katt - Musician Lindsay Katt, expressing her emotions about oppression without words. Hoopalina Nylah Cannon - Love ≠ Gender "NOH8" Krystal Hall
Lacey Vincent - LOVE HAS NO GENDER<3 Lexis Kastanis - Everyone has a story to tell, I do.  You may not want to hear it but you can see it! Derek Walls Niki thibodeau
Admira Kasumovic Caitlin Moore Peter Cruz - #NOH8 Staci Chesney - Just showing my support for an amazing campaign.
Charlotte  Herald - I've seen so many people bullied because of their sexual orientation. Many people that I consider close to me are gay/lesbian/bisexual. Today Im making a stand. I am going to take the road less traveled by and stand up and say, I am a confident straight girl who supports gay rights 100%. Scott Jerry - NOH8 Allison Groves MICHELLE CRUZ - Michelle Cruz Marrero NOH8 - Miami, Florida
Courtney Evans - I allow me to fulfill MY American dream. Salvatore Russotti - Salvo Russotti... from Italy! NO HATE! ♥ ♥ ♥ Devin Ringland mandie ross - My photo I took of my daughter for the NOH8.  My friend Aubrey edited it.  I have taught her to love everyone for who they are!
Alexandra Kaudy - Eckerd's Women's Resource Center decided to take the campaign into our own hands in 2010 on the Day of Silence. I have always been a proud supporter. At the time this photo was taken, NoH8 was unwilling to allow us to use their copyrighted material, however as we did not use this for any sort of publicity and only for a display at our college drag show, more than 300 students happily took NOH8 pictures with us. Some even painted the logo on their chests to show support. Tyler Blackstone - My NO H8 Tracey Haas Valentina Acuna - no H8 forever.
KrissyLove - Spread the Love, Stop the H8!!! Em Grawehr - NOH8 in Philly John Beck Nathan  E - In support of NOH8
Chris Dennis - Because H8 exists everywhere. Ali - This is me, AlexZandria. I'm 14 years old, and I'm Bisexual. I don't really remember how I came across the NOH8 Campaign... But I've been really interested in it ever sence. I was planning on trying to go to one of the events with my girlfriend... So I hope we can get enough money in time! I love my girlfriend... She's amazing! I haven't told her yet, or told anyone really... But I plan on marrying her when we grow up. Even though that's a long time from now. And I know most of you are probably thinking "They'll never stay together long enough for marrage." But I disagree. Another thing though... Is that the state I live in, it's illigal to marry another girl... And I really want to marry here. The place I have in mind is just so beautiful. And my mom told me that when she get's married, that's where she wants to have the wedding too. I guess I'll just have to wait and hope. NOH8!!! <3 Kimberly Thompson Bryana Vazquez - I support NOH8! <3
jesse corley - Jesse DJ Smook - First Photo for the NOH8 Campaign. Didn't have duct tape around so I used the universal quiet signal. Heavenly Jones - I have to shout out to my sister Starla Jones for doing my makeup, photography and such. I posed for these pictures to support all the people in my life.We should all be treated equally. My Message is a simple one. "We're All The Same". Plain and Simple. misty clemens - NO H8
Lisa Satterfield - Kevin and Lisa Satterfield chris garrard - me showing some luv for the NOH8 campaign Rebecca Moss - No Human Should Have Hate...No on H8 Ariel Lee - Best friends.
Rae Zehel Travis Moore - Human Affection... Travi Moore - NEVER HATE! ^_^ Roger & Bryce - Roger and Bryce the gay puppets from Australia support NOH8!
Juan Corona - My NOH8 support!! Tash - My daughter and I Mahesh Sethuraman - Mahesh Elise Kramer - Looking for a future where everyone is accepted
Tay Schilling - stop the H8! <3 Angie Vee - No H8 <3 jkmahyar Kara Mundy - Body paint for equal rights!
Robert Mendoza - Make up Artist - Rosy McMichael Rene C.  Toyer - One of the main pillars of Development is Equity! Therefore equal rights should be given to all! You can not refuse me the right to spend this rest of life with the person I truly love because of your "morals"! Christ is Love! && Religion isn't State! Equal Rights For All NOW! Chevin Bobby Evans
Kim Baldwin - Author Kim Baldwin Trevor Brobst - As a 23yr old gay man to carry this with me everyday means so much and PROUD to do so! Tanya Starck - Equality for ALL!!! <3 spinningdevil - Uploaded by NOH8 Campaign for iPhone
AUDS - Waiting to Get my Professional photo shoot at the SD NOH8 shoot 2/18/12
This will be replaced when my official Photo comes in about 8 wks  
~Audrey~ trisha kelly - Last year for day of silence, only one in my school to do it Julia Hamilton - Siblings taking a stand. Sabrina, Shannon, Jourdan and Zachery Jourdan Feliz
Rina - NOH8 CuteLuvrBoy Arturo Torruco - every face counts, every silent vote is necessary, every idea is essential, lets support the human rights, let all be equally... Tabasco, Mexico... jessica hadden
Jorge Cortes Bruno Henrique Carrascoza Santos - We're all the same inside Crystal Merrill erin Reinhard - My own pic I took after participating in the NOH8 Campaign at the CESCaL Supporting Students, Saving Lives conference. 2/17/12
The Fabs - The XoXo Girls 2010 NOH8 Line Juhl Hansen - NOH8 <3 Charles Kramer - I decided to speak my mind through art and get the NOH8 logo tattooed on my forearm for everyone to see. Sarah Vorreiter
tammy albarwani - LOVE safeya alhamd iChad Meredith Molinari - Reality Show Host, Meredith Molinari. Photography by Kitty Gallanis of MissFit Photo.
Laura Nixon - I got my ALL <3 NOH8 Bracelet in the mail and decided I would make a photo. I made 11 altogether, here is just one. mariana sotelo - Hey, im mariana, mexican. I support this Campaign because i know people have feelings<3 B.Wellington Shaleea Nutter
Kindle Jackson - Body slam hate. Let's appreciate! rachel mitchell Nade - Hi my name is Anadel, I am proud and not afraid to say that I am gay.
Liz Salazar
Juliana Rowley - NO H8 KraziKatelyn - No H8 tattoo over my heart Jason Murphy - Frisco and I Heather  Freet - NOH8 photo shoot at IU on 4/11/10.
Leigha Knowles - make love, not hate <3 ilaria castaldi - Dumb faces.
Me(with a hood)and my best friend Debbie.
NO8H,from Italy. Linda Nestler - me against hate :) Tia Lambert
Sarah O'Leary - NOH8 is amazing! Charles Boykin - Equality for ALL! msalamanca - I Believe that God CREATED everyone in their own special way. He loves you with all his might and heart. I have chosen to be  part of the NOH8 CAMPAIGN because I support in everything everyone is doing. It is very important to have a voice. The voice to speak up and believe in what is right. That is why it is called: The Freedom Of Speech. I have some family members and friends who are what they are. I support them very much because I care about them. I also care for others. When I go out into the world, I see a lot of people with their partner and it makes me happy to see them happy. It is the best way to go. I know that people are appreciated. This Campaign really got to me, it means a lot to me. I would always be there for you. In heart and in spirit even If I do not know you. Just know that I admire what everyone is doing. Keep up the great work and wonderful and exciting things will come in life. Take a leap in faith and know that everything is going to be alright. I love you no matter what. 

"You Are Beautiful In Every Single Way, Words Can't Bring You Down." -Christina Aguilera Roz - Me and my partner support NOH8 and decided to create our photo shoot! posted on my fb and got great feedback! We luv NOH8!
Lady GooGoo - Lady GooGoo rocked the camera for her NO H8 photo.  I dressed up as Lady GooGoo for the 2010 High Heel Race.  It's held in Washington DC every year on the Tuesday before Halloween.  It's one of my favorite events of the year as 17th Street fills up with thousands of people from all walks of life to support and cheer on the men in heels.  It's an amazing event and I love to take part in in every year.  NO H8!  ONLY L<3VE. Brady  - NoH8 Ohio <3 MELISSA MAGAN - NOH8 AND LOVE! Jennifer Dent - JentotheDen
Kalee Stresing Juju(; - I support. <3 JP Marchetti Marcie Oestreich - NOH8. <3 for all.
Jennifer Uvalle - Dexter saying no to h8! Carolina Estrada - I am a BELIEVER!!! Kelly Bradley Setter - High Fives for NOH8
Sarah Plonk - NOH8 Tracy S. - Miss Trey Trey.  Woman, Mommy, Wife, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Activist.
Living and Loving in the Baystate. Emily Jackson - <3 Joezette Julien - Behind this tape lies lips of a Salior who has administered basic life support without predjuice.
Christian Ramos - My NOH8 Campaign Photo <3 Carolyn Schwenke - I painted this for equality in humanity. James Hicks - I will be more than a hate crime statistic Dee Dee
Mikey Smilez - I Fight For What I Believe In & That is L <3 VE. I chose not to tape my lips because I want to be heard... My Voice & My Beliefs, My Presence... I am a gentleman but I throw a mean punch! jp_ec - Por un reconocimiento de derechos y una igualad sin discriminación. For a recognition of rights and a igualad without discrimination. Heather Jurgens - My princess supporting NOH8. Lexi Skittles - Lexi- I am part of the Lesbian corner. I am showing my pride and doing my part for this group, keep up the great work, all!
Cheyenne Humphries - NOH8 iceburg505 Stefania Perin Eirelav - NO H8 written on my wrist <3
Cheyenne Taylor - NO H8! Jo Bautista - NOH8.