Wiping Out Bullying, by TJ

Friday, December 28th, 2012

I was bullied as a school student. I don't hold bad feelings, as I feel in the long run it made me strong. What I am most concerned about now is what I see happening in our world.

I work in public education and I see so much effort being put towards bullying in our elementary and middle schools. This is great, however, just a band-aid for the bullying that happens in the world. Unfortunately I see adults bullying each other far too often. In malls, at stores, in the community. There's overt and subtle bullying. Our politics is fraught with bullying. It even happens in schools. Parents bully teachers. Teachers bully parents, each other, administrators and vice versa.

I feel like until we as adults can get the bullying under control that we have no hope of preventing children from bullying each other. We need to take individual responsibility to stand up to bullying and hate and collectively start to wipe it out.




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