Why We Posed

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I have been behind this cause basically since I first heard about it.  When my LA friend Sarah posed for a photo... and shortly after, more of my friends in LA were posing, I wanted a photo of my own.  I followed Prop 8 when it was on the ballet in California and kept hoping to see that after all these years, our country was starting to open up and wise up.  I was, like most people, gravely disappointed to see what happened with Prop 8.


It literally is incomprehensible that there are people out there to this day who think that someone being gay would somehow devalue their... "straightness." I am a straight woman and my relationships are unaffected by my gay friends and their relationships.  Love is never something that should be denied and I hope and do believe that this message will prevail.  I posed with my very close friends Robert and Jason, a couple; my lesbian roommate Mary and our bisexual New Zealand friend Tammie.  I was proud to represent a photo of true LGBT and Straight Alliance. All of us standing in a message of LOVE.  Thank you for bringing NOH8 close enough to me that we could pose together and stand up for what we truly believe.  WE WILL PREVAIL. <3

- xoxo Rikki Sixx


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