Why Our Family Posed

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Our family's story is one of hate, love and everything in between.  My partner and I (commitment ceremony in December, 1995) had long been working on adoptions.  We found out about our son 3 days prior to his birth and had just enough time to go shopping for things we hoped we needed (with frantic phone calls to siblings on what they got for their infants) and time to fly to Tennessee for his birth.  The birth was magical!  On the 2nd day we entered the hospital to find 3 Sheriff's deputies with guns out who pushed us into a room and told us that we had to leave the county as the Tennessee Militia was marching on the hospital and death threats had come in against us and the birth mother.  Over the next 2 days (in hiding with a man sitting outside our motel room with a shotgun to protect us) we agonized on what we should do - not for us, but for this tiny person we'd already grown to love.  We ended up getting onto an airplane with our son, and the birth mother (her first plane ride - EVER) so we could do the adoption in California.  The outcome: an amazing family forged in hate was cemented in love!  9+ years later we are honored to participate in this campaign.

Hate isn't a way of life - love is the answer!  We're here to make a difference and show that families come in every shape, size and color!



This a story of sadness and happyness. It truly is amazing how uneducated some people are. I could say so many rude things but I'm not going to. Your story is amazing.

Robbie Milton 09/02/2010 04:59

Three beautiful guys.

mi22cynical 10/28/2010 00:42

This story just shows how ignorant people are and how homophobia is a real disease that we need to find a cure for.

Shane Stump 01/23/2011 05:01

Amazing family and amazing story.

Cody Polston 02/05/2011 06:32

Gorgeous Story!
I'm so happy for al 3 of you...Blessings <3

Antoinette Arwen 03/01/2011 10:10

What a Wonderful Ending for your Family. My Partner and I are also in the process of adopting a child and I can only hope and prey that things have changed. All the Best from Two Canadian Dads

Jeff de Denus/Warner 04/16/2011 13:21

This is a wonderful story. Keep fighting everyone! This campaign is a real blessing.

Stevie 10/15/2012 17:38

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