Why I Posed With My Uterus

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010


In the last 9 years I have given birth to seven children. Three are my own and four (two sets of twins) are babies I birthed for two different gay couples. My Uterus is an Ally.

I consider my surrogacy for gay men my own uterine activism. I feel strongly and passionately about equality and figure if I don't have tons of money to donate to the cause, I at least have a Uterus and Blog that can send a powerful message. I belong to HRC, make donations to organizations fighting for LGBT Rights - including Marriage Equality - and posing for the NOH8 Campaign was one more thing I could do to let society and my own kids know that I SUPPORT GAY FAMILIES.

Please know that I will continue to "fight the fight" because no one has the right to tell my friends, the fathers of my surro-babies or (many years from now) my own children that they can't marry whoever they LOVE. I pledge to repeal Prop 8 and restore marriage equality in California . . . and I promise I will fight for your rights until the day I die.

*Natasha & Anjali 11/28/08
*Gideon & Harper 10/12/10

-Kelly & her Uterus



Your blog moved me to tears, Kelly. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift.

Jaime Bengzon 12/14/2010 00:36

Now I wish I was young enough to volunteer my uterus! I've always felt surrogates were special, but you top them all! I will help however I can.

Lissa 02/22/2012 11:09

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