Why I Posed, by Steve Reeder

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


Growing up, all I wanted to do was play guitar in a rock and roll band. However, back in the hard rock heyday, it appeared the territory of only straight white males. I knew I could never pretend to be something I was not, and thus put off all dreams of the rock and roll stage for fear of rejection or even bodily harm.

Since then, I've gained the life experience and self-esteem to record my own CD and play live for people who love me as I am.  Since discovering NOH8, I find that many of my adolecent heros were not so prejudiced as I feared. I'm humbled to see the support of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Slash, Dave Navarro and others who've participated in the campaign.  I'm proud now to have also posed for the NOH8 Campaign, and hope that young people who find the campaign are further inspired to follow their aspirations.

Steve Reeder
Photographed 12 August, 2011
Milwaukee, WI  (Release #WI240)


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