Why I Posed by Patrick Anthony

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Why did I pose? I posed because I was the bigot. I was the hater. I was the person who denied who I am and in doing so denied those around me.

I have been a wedding officiant for three years. I have married over a hundred couples. When I first got started in weddings, I turned away every single request to preside over a Civil Union ceremony (the NJ equivalent of same-sex marriage). I took that hatred so far that I even publicized my refusal of Civil Union couples on my website.

Simply put, I hid behind hatred and the fear of realizing who I am. Those days are behind me.

There were a lot of factors that changed me into the man I am today. Factors that included searching within my soul and allowing the true me to come to the surface. Factors that include friends and family that support me no matter what I decide to do. I opened my eyes and saw my truth and in doing so was completely transformed. As a wedding officiant I now embrace all couples who wish to marry regardless of who they are. I look forward to the day that there is marriage equality for everyone!

I drove from Collingswood, NJ to Washington D.C. for nothing other than to participate and be photographed by the NOH8 Campaign. I posed because I now believe that all of us deserve to be truly loved and accepted. I posed because we all have the right to share in the love that comes from taking care of someone who takes care of you. I posed because it will forever be a reminder to myself and those around me of my commitment to being a better human being. I posed because for the first time in my life I am finally ALL <3 NOH8.

- Patrick Anthony (October 2010)


Thanks to all at NOH8 for all you do and spreading the message of love and acceptance. You've truly made a difference in my life.

Patrick Anthony 11/09/2010 03:54

thank you for sharing apart of ur story Patrick Anthony.

冰の 王 06/15/2011 06:20

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