Why I Posed by Nicole Bacon

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Why did I do it? As a Str8 woman I have gay friends who I love to death and want to see happy.  I am interested in government and follow what is happening in the world of politics.  I do believe in the constitution that it say all men are created equal, this means all of huMANity, men, women, transgendered and I believe the government has no right to tell you who you can love and marry. They have no right to tell you you can not make some child happy because you do not follow the "Leave it to Beaver" ideal of how an American family should be.


Hey, if I was an orphan, I would not care if I had a mom and a dad; I would want to have a family, and it does not matter how that family is structured. Some familys have 1 mom or 1 dad - what difference does it make if you have 2 moms, or 2 dads; love is love. If it makes you happy to love another man or another woman, why should Washington stop that? Why should certain state governments keep a child from knowing what love is? Love knows NO H8, and that’s why I posed. All for Love, not H8.

Nicole Bacon

San Jac. College GSA Officer 2008-2010


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