Why I Posed by Nathan Manske

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010


Last year I started a website, www.ImFromDriftwood.com, which collects

true stories by gay people from all over the world, in hopes of

helping gay teens feel not so alone. I believe that belonging to a

group, feeling accepted and knowing that you're not the only one out

there is the first step to every gay persons path to happiness. The

NOH8 Campaign, while strongly delivering its intended pro-gay marriage

message, also sends another message. It puts a face to all the people

who support gay people and tells all those gay teens struggling with

their sexuality that it's okay and that there's a very big community

out here that supports them, loves them and wants them to know that

they're perfect just the way they are.


Thanks for sending that message. You're making a bigger difference

than you realize.


All the best,

Nathan Manske




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