Why I Posed, by Elle F.

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

My religiously conservative family told me I was just "going through a phase" or "acting in lust" during my relationship with another woman. I knew that exactly what I felt for her was real, and not by choice. You see, love isn't selective, it just happens when and how it should happen. Whether the experience is long term or short, being in love is a life-changing gateway to freedom.


Our laws limit consensual lovers of the same gender to solidify their long term love with marriage for fear of losing sanctity. But we seem to be a bit mixed up as we have the right to marry inanimate objects. Our materialistic lifestyles are encouraged to reach a moral low when we mindlessly tuned in to watch Kim Kardashian's marriage mockery; a heavily publicized fashion show complete with shameless press and gifts galore. She is a reflection of sanctity lost in marriage, unlike the same-sex couple that lovingly runs the cafe near my home.


I posed for the NOH8 Campaign because I believe in equality. The lifestyles of others doesn't have to be agreeable with mine. I support and accept co-existence. We as humans crave love. We need it to survive. I support and accept the act of love flowing organically from person to person without limitation as love is universal. Love is and always will be, so let's share it.


-Elle Fabulous


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