Why I Drove More Than 2 Hours With Quintuplets, by Deborah

Friday, December 28th, 2012


I am a mother of 5. I drove my kids so I can have a dialog with them about why it is so important to be ALL inclusive. I have loved ones that have various sexual orientations and this is one way I can contribute to help give them a more loving accepting world. I pray that my love for them radiates how much I love them.

Also, since my kids are biracial and some are autistic, they are likely to hit prejudice in their lifetimes; so this experience is for them to learn from for others and themselves. A great big thank you for Spelman College, the NOH8 workers, and my friends that enabled me to create this special moment for my family.


Thank you,

Deborah, Abraham, Kristianna, Jeremiah, and Azariah


Your family is beautiful and you are an inspiration!
Live by Love!

Dani Chalifour 05/16/2013 20:05

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