We Did It!

Friday, September 2nd, 2011


With the help of our team of dedicated NOH8 supporters, the Montgomery-Duban Family's 100,000 Likes in 1 Month Challenge achieved it's goal on Wednesday as we reached the 100,000 Like Milestone on our final day; and then some! The Montgomery-Duban Family's page has skyrocketed to over 118,000 Likes during the month of August, and so many of you played a critical role in helping to bring in those Likes.

As we watched the counter inch closer to the 100k Like mark in the final hours of the challenge, we received an e-mail from Kevin Montgomery informing us that for every additional Like up to 1,000 Likes (or 101,000 Likes), his family would donate one additional $1 to the NOH8 Campaign.

Before we even had time to issue the challenge, NOH8 supporters had already beaten us to the punch, easily reaching 101,000 Likes.

In total, the Montgomery-Duban Family is donating $11,000 to support the NOH8 Campaign! The Montgomery-Dubans wanted to share the following message with all of you:

We would like to thank Jeff and Adam, the NOH8 family and the worldwide community for their unwavering support in our endeavor to open hearts and change minds.  We are humbled by the generosity of spirit that enabled all of us to accomplish a staggering goal that took an entire community network to accomplish.  We felt and heard about the love and dedication of hundreds of thousands of people who made sure the message of love and compassion of the NOH8 Campaign got a wide and diverse audience. This was conceived as a challenge to push ourselves to reach out to people that may not have heard at all about the great work of Adam and Jeff of NOH8. The fact that we received comments from around the world by individuals that were being touched by the NOH8 message let us know: mission accomplished! We will continue to challenge ourselves and others until everyone on the planet gets the message of love, tolerance and acceptance that the NOH8 Campaign expresses so beautifully.

It is an honor and a privilege for The Montgomery-Duban Family to make good on their promised donation to the NOH8 Campaign.

Much love,

Kevin, Dennis and Chelsea Montgomery-Duban

The NOH8 Campaign would like to thank each and every one of the 118k + people out there who Liked the Montgomery-Duban Family's page and encouraging your friends and followers to do so. We also of course want to thank the Montgomery-Duban Family for their extremely generous contribution to our constantly developing campaign and its effort to spread the message of NOH8 in as many communities as we possibly can. We're so honored to share your story with our followers, and we're touched by your support and to hear how NOH8 has affected your family.

We really do have to continue to challenge ourselves every single day when it comes to the pursuit of equality -- and we have to keep asking ourselves what roles we can play in helping to keep a spotlight on the discrimination that still continues to affect the LGBT community and other minorities that have faced their own issues of inequality. Share your story with your friends, your family, and even your representatives -- just be heard! It's the only way to put a human, personal face to the fight for equality to every person out there who might be blindly discriminating against a group of people they think they've never met, or never known. They have; and each new person you share your story with is one more potential hand in the efforts to achieve equal rights.

Thank you, Montgomery-Duban Family, for reminding us of that.


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