Victims To Victors, by Anita Green

Saturday, June 25th, 2016


"Obstacles. In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, I felt now was an appropriate time to share my story because now, more than ever, it’s important to show people that fear will no longer control me and stop me from being who I am. The queer community has faced myriad obstacles throughout history. I personally have faced my fair share of obstacles. In 2012, I was sexually assaulted because of my transgender status. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I’ve been hurt by people and I’ve hurt others in return.

The obstacles we face do play a part in how we are formed and the type of people we will become, but how we conquer our obstacles also morphs us into the people we are. And I know that sounds cliché, but I can’t emphasize enough how true it is—and I know it to be true because I’ve lived it. Last year, at the age of 24, I became the first openly transgender person to run for City Council in Missoula. I am the youngest transgender person to run for public office in the state of Montana, though I am not the first. I would be remiss not to mention my friend Roberta Zenker who is the first openly transgender person to run for public office in Montana. Thank you Bobbie for all that you have done for this community.

When I ran for City Council I did not win, hell, I didn’t even come in second place. There were four people who ran in Ward 2 in Missoula and I came in third. I know what it’s like to lose. I know what it’s like to have obstacles in life. But I also know that there is success in loss and there are lessons in the challenges we face in our lives. My loss pushed me to fight for where I am and so far it has paid off. I am Montana’s first openly transgender national delegate and though there still has not been a transgender person elected into public office in Montana I hope to change that next year when I run again for City Council in Missoula."

~Anita Green


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