UK Performer Aaron Renfree Joins NOH8 Campaign

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011


Aaron Renfree is recognizeable to many in the United Kingdom as a former member of the incredibly popular S Club 8 pop music group.

Since his time with the band, Aaron has gone on to appear in stage productions of Flashdance in the UK as well as choreography work on original UK-based The X-Factor.

No stranger to using his talents to help those in need, Aaron has also lent his talents to a number of benefit performances, and is the most recent face to join the NOH8 Campaign.

While Aaron was in the studio, he took some time to film a short video message (below) for us that illustrates why he believes Prop 8 is not just a California issue.

While civil partnerships have been legal in the United Kingdom for same-sex couples since 2005, the reach of the rights involved with civil partnerships continues to pale to the full extent of the rights that heterosexual couoples receive for civil marriages.

Huge thanks to Aaron for all that he does!






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