TOKYO Photo Shoot Postponed; BOSTON Announced

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Japan made worldwide headlines this week when the largest earthquake in decades hit the country. The quake resulted in the triggering of a devastating tsunami that tore through the country, affecting millions in Japan and others in countries around the world.

Since the disaster, many people have been inquiring as to the status of the NOH8 Open Shoot in Tokyo, Japan we announced two weeks prior. The shoot, originally announced to take place on Sunday, March 27th, was set to be the very first international stop on the NOH8 Campaign's ongoing tour to promote dialogue and advocate for equality worldwide. We were thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to bring NOH8 to the global stage for the very first time.

Unfortunately, in light of the recent catastrophic events in Japan and the advice of experts to avoid unnecessary travel to the country at this point in time, we are very sorry to announce that the Tokyo, Japan Open Shoot is temporarily postponed. We hope to revisit our opportunity to travel to Japan in the near future, and appreciate all of the support we had at the prospect of an international photo shoot.

Right now, it's important to allow time for things to return to normal in Japan before we reschedule our trip. In the meantime, however, the NOH8 Campaign offers our sincerest condolences to those affected by the tragedy and send our best wishes to our friends in Japan.

Instead of hosting an open shoot in Japan on the 27th, we have made plans to hold our very first open shoot in Boston, Massachusetts on the same date; March 27th. We will release more information regarding the Boston shoot within the next 24 hours, so please be sure to check back for more details.

You can visit our Boston Event Page by clicking here.



Those in the US who would like to donate $10 to the Red Cross' Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief fund can text REDCROSS to 90999.



IMHO, England would have been a better choice for your first international stop, mayby you could stop there instad of japan in order to get your international ball rolling :-)

Billy Hawes 03/17/2011 15:13

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