The Sisters Say NO to H8

Thursday, October 1st, 2009


These aren't your parents' nuns.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence brought a completely new look to our campaign this summer, coming together to do what they do best – help bring awareness to gay rights issues!

The Sisters are a world-wide organization famous for their charity work and protests, utilizing a unique combination of drag and Catholic imagery. Their use of bold visuals to make a strong statement against intolerance is definitely something we at the NOH8 Campaign can relate to!

Each Sister has her own theme, of course – but they all donned the notorious duct tape for the cause, each tailoring their custom habits to match the NOH8 Campaign colors. We love their creativity and all the work the Sisters do in the community to speak out and be heard!

The very first to pose for us was the beautiful Sister Roma, who came to us all the way from San Francisco – birthplace of the Sisters – to shoot a special cover for Gloss Magazine. We’re still finding red and white feathers around the studio!

We were also blessed with the presence of an amazing group representing the Los Angeles-based Order of Sisters. You’ll notice that unlike Sister Roma’s coronet (headpiece), the coronets of the LA Sisters resemble “the Hollywood bowl with corners.” Fun Fact: Each Order around the world has their own style of coronet!


As luck would have it, the LA Sisters were joined in the studio by famed film director Chi Chi LaRue, armed with her cherry red megaphone!

Sister Millie Terry and Sister Barbie-Q

Sister Perkie Dot and Sister Tootie Fruit

Sister Erotica Psychotica and Chi Chi LaRue

We’re very grateful to have the support of the Sisters, and hope to work with them again soon!





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