The Importance of Knowing Who We Are, by Kevin

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

I participated in the NOH8 Campaign because I believe that it is a powerful tool in the struggle for greater acceptance & equality for all Americans, especially LGBT folks. Historically, queer folk have been underrepresented & hidden from society, forced to do so out of either danger or shame.  As we fight for greater acceptance & a recognition of our dignity - which is equal to that of our straight brothers & sisters - I believe that it is necessary that people know who we are. This campaign allows people to literally put a name to a face, thereby making personal the social & political experience of the LGBT folks in California who were affected by Prop 8, something which for many would otherwise be abstract.

I appreciate the boldness of the images that Adam creates, because in being so vibrant they immediately draw attention to their subject matter.  The use of the tape over the mouth calls to mind the image of someone held hostage, an appropriate image for those same-sex couples in CA who were told that their voices did not matter.  It is also an image that calls to mind the history of silence the community has been forced to practice, in order to maintain relationships or even just stay alive in our homophobic society.  The image also calls to mind the haunting phrase "SILENCE = DEATH", a reminder of our community's great suffering during the AIDS crisis of the 1980's.
I also appreciate the campaign because it is positive & empowering, as opposed to negative & divisive.  The name alone "NOH8" is a call to end hatred & violence.  By seeking an end to hate, this campaign seeks to create a better world where values such as love & peace dominate.

Finally, the campaign provides hope to those who are feeling discouraged and desperate by demanding change in light of a brighter vision of the future.  I am a Catholic and it is traditional in our culture to keep images of the Virgin Mary or saints close at hand, so that in times of tribulation we can be provided with inspiration.  I see this campaign as a similar source of inspiration, providing young queer folk with images that they can turn to in times of need in order to remember "I'm not alone." I hope that by participating in this campaign, I can help to remind someone that we're in this together & that even when times get tough, we're not alone.


I love this... Amazing. Thanks

Luis Gonzalez 12/19/2013 06:29

Lovin' this! :)

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