Tell Boy Scouts to Lift Anti-Gay Policy

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America is actively considering an end to their policy banning gay scouts and leaders, and the organization is now accepting feedback from the public!

We urge our supporters to reach out to the Boy Scouts to tell them know you support equality in scouting. You can make a difference!


CALL: 972-580-2330

TWEET: @boyscouts


Jennifer Tyrrell, who was removed as leader of her son's Cub Scout troop last year because she was a lesbian, appeared on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts yesterday to discuss the news -- proudly sporting a NOH8 shirt during her interview! Check out the video below.

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To whom it may concern.

My name is Timothy Brown.

It has come to my attention that you are in consideration of ammending the policy of allowing homosexual leaders and children into the organization.

Unlike other corespondence you may have recieved, mine is different. I fully support this ideal.

The fact that there is so much hate and intolerance displayed towards this change truly sickens me. As leaders. Members. Followers. And above all else participants who learn and live the boyscout motto and oath. The law. The slogan. Those who have taken it upon themselves to be a part of this great organization have truly fallen short of the message of the these teachings

To claim a homosexual holds no place in the boyscouts is to claim christ holds no place in your churches.

Trustworthy. Loyal. Helpful. Courteous. Kind. Obediant. Cheerful. Thrify. Brave. Clean. And reverant. All these are the laws of the boyscouts. No boy nor no man can dictate to another who is to follow these based on race. Creed. Religion. Or sexual preference. If a gay boy is incapable of understanding and following this law. How is a straight boy any more capable. Let alone a straight man be able to teach these values if they are unable to live and follow these. These are values taught to all boys. Upheld by all men.

I am an Eagle Scout. I have strived my entire life to hold what i have learned as a boy as a ground to base my life. To use to better myself. To improve the lives of those around me. To live my life by the oath i took as a child. The law i memorized to live my life by. These are principles that all boys may learn from. Grow. from. To teach to their sons and daughters and to be passed unto theirs.

To see so much hate from people who are supposses to teach these values to our children is truely the largest disgrace to this organization. They are correct. Allowing homosexuals into the boyscouts will destroy it. Not because of them. But because of those who no longer follow the teachings of this organization. Those who are to closed minded to see that every child is just as deserving of this experience as any other. For the first time in my life. At the age of 27. After years of torment and bullying i stood my ground. Refused to quit being a boyscout. Refused to deny it to any i met. I have carried my Eagle Scout card with me every day since i earned it. It has stayed with me as i became a soldier. I have carried it across the sands of iraq. The mountains of afghanistan. The hell that is somalia. Through conflict around this earth it to has travelled with me. Always at my side. Its principles Reminding me. Never waiver in my belief that because I am an Eagle Scout it is my obligation to that, that i make my world a better place. Through all of this i have not once denied nor hide this fact. But. For the first time in my life I am truly ashamed to be one.

The intolerance displayed by those who hate has truly ruined this once great organization. I hope one day it will again be what it was. A beacon of hope for children. To teach them cooperation. Tolerance. Acceptance. To follow the scout oath. Law. Motto. Slogan. So that one day. I can bring my son Andy. To his first tiger meeting. His first camp out. And if i am lucky. And he is strong enough. Determined enough. Stand before him and give him MY Eagle badge.

I would gladly stand beside the BSA and its members who support this change.

For any comments or concerns you are free to call me at any time.


Timothy Brown
Lebanon Missouri
Ozark Trails Council
Eagle Scout

Andysdaddy09 02/04/2013 09:49

This is a great thing, being an Eagle Scout myself, makes me wonder if they would revoke all the work I've done.

Lucas Brown 02/25/2013 21:42

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