Talk Hard Activism by Master WorldWide

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

My name is Ronnie (a.k.a. Master WorldWide) and I am a Radio Broadcast & Social Networking Engineer. I work with grass-roots, social change organizations, campaigns and support groups towards a better atmosphere & awareness. I used to work in FM & Satellite radio, but now I Podcast on the Internet. I have worked with organizations such as Free Press & STOP BIG MEDIA and helped to create a website called, "Internet For Everyone" towards the transformation of media democracy.


I first heard about NOH8 through Youtube. I saw the first VIDEO posted in 2009 and it brought tears to my eyes. Watching videos posted from so many different cultures and backgrounds overwhelmed me and made me realize how many people cared deeply about this issue. I am a proud supporter of Life, Love and Possibility of More Open Minded Lifestyles. That is why I call myself a "Talk Hard Activist", I speak what is in my mind with the intention of what is within my heart.

My soul moves me with the sound of Life. All I can do is say what needs to be said in order to make an impact that already has a sound wave of connection just waiting to reconnect and has been manifested. I am more than meets the human eye, but I do not believe that I am better than you or anyone. I am a source and vision of Love, Life and an Aura called, JeTTBLacK. I have published my thoughts and feelings on life and love on my website,  MyRonDezVous, for all to share.  Dreams do come true and I am a true believer in that reality over all. Nothing but Love in My Mind because Hate Only Matters When Hate Needs My Love, Too!

I would like to Thank You, Adam Bouska. Because That My Friends... Is The Fade!

Riot On.


-Ronnie, a.k.a Master WorldWide

W Hollywood Open Shoot


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