Supporting the Campaign and My Passion

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


"I have a 3 year old who is still breastfeeding. I for the most part have been welcomed into a beautiful community of natural parents, but still from time to time deal with negativity associated with extended nursing. I found my passion for advocacy on this topic only because I had many friends come to me for help in times of despair and that feeling made me so warm inside. I promised myself that I would continue to help and also be a voice for women around the U.S. who maybe just didn't understand the concept of breastfeeding or felt defeated when they tried.

NOH8 in my opinion is a fantastic campaign to promote love in all aspects of life. I have befriended some of the most wonderful people that some might consider 'weird' for either their looks or beliefs or sexual orientation, and I made it a point to make sure my daughter and future children grow to love everyone despite differences. I saw the campaign event and I thought man how can I pose that would be of support to the LGBT community and stand out from the rest. And it hit me that I was sure I would be one of few posing with a kid nursing, and that way I could make a statement to support the campaign and also support my passion as well. Thank you for the opportunity and for a memorable picture to show my daughter when she is older with her own children."


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Melanincentric 04/30/2017 07:42

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