Still Standing, by Terrence F.

Monday, July 11th, 2011


This is my second time attending the NOH8 photo shoot. I drove up to NYC from DC to take the opportunity to make my voice heard again.

I work in the HIV/AIDS health care field in Washington, DC. I chose to again use that platform for my NOH8 picture.

My NOH8 is me standing up against hate and stigma for all the residents in the Nation's Capital and the world currently living with the HIV/AIDS virus. It is my eventual hope that one day we will either find a cure, or stop transmission of this disease. Until that day comes, I, along with thousands of others, will continue to stand up and fight.

I chose to take my niece with me because during my process of coming out as a gay man she was the first person in my family I told. Since then she has showed nothing but unconditional love and support for me and I love her for that.

I have told others in my family who have given a mixed bag of feedback, but I love my niece and thank her for being my constant rock and for continually showing me NOH8. Thanks again for allowing me this great opportunity to allow my singular voice to be heard among the sea of millions.





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