Standing OUT and Standing UP, by Stephen Ledesma

Monday, May 31st, 2010


I recently just embraced my sexuality and as of the year 2009 I had to endure many struggles that homosexuals go through such as trying to be accepted by family and friends, prejudice, etc.

Living in a very conservative and religious household, I had to find ways to be myself as well as support my own thoughts, beliefs, and values without jeopardizing the relationship I have with my family and peers.

One reason why I did the NOH8 photo shoot is to help a cause that would positively impact society by aiding people to see our side. This is a very subtle but powerful way to make a difference in the lives of others.

Through this, I want people who are struggling with their sexuality to see that it's ok to be themselves and that they are not alone.

Every face on this site represents another person struggling, as well as another person on your side. Adding another face to this site, to this cause, is the main reason why I chose to participate in the NOH8 Campaign.

Our fight may not be easy but we don't have to go through this by ourselves.


Stephen Ledesma


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