Siblings of Pride

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014


I am so happy and proud that my younger brother David Morgan and I had the opportunity to meet and have our pictures taken by Adam for the NOH8 Campaign. I’m the one pointing to my face (right side). Having had to face problems of homophobia and being told we were/are going to hell within our own immediate family is sometimes hard to carry through life. We’ve been each others support through thick and thin. Deaths of spouses, gay games, etc.

I’ve never made any qualms about my homosexuality. I open my mouth and a Gay pride parade falls out. But, having that hinder you in the business I call SHOW (David is a photographer) can be a total uphill road. I’m now doing voice over work in animation which is a lot more accepting!

We both needed to take part of the NOH8 Campaign as the two of us have always been fighters for gay rights since the ‘70’s! It’s been both a struggle and a blessing to fight and see the advancement of our community from the cops busting the gay bars and hauling us in a paddy wagon, to having legal marriages in California and other states. To see the young men and women benefit from all of the hate thrown at us (literally, bricks, stones and even being forced off the freeway because I had a gay triangle on my car). It isn’t nirvana, but it’s damn closer than when we were young gay men trying to be heard.


Jeffrey Morgan


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