Remembering Nick Aaronson

Monday, October 31st, 2011


Today, the NOH8 Campaign mourns the loss of a member of the NOH8 Family. 27-year-old Nick Aaronson, who attended the NOH8 Open Photo Shoot in Scottsdale, Arizona in July of 2010, was found dead in Mexico City this weekend; the victim of an apparent homicide (a suspect is currently in custody).

Nick was a Phoenix-based Flight Attendant for US Airways who, in addition to his support for the NOH8 Campaign, was also an advocate for the Human Rights Campaign and the fight for marriage equality.

We at the NOH8 Campaign greatly value each and every face behind our campaign, and we are deeply saddened to lose another member of our community under such tragic circumstances. We send our deepest condolences to Nick's friends and family during this difficult time.


I want to thank each and everyone around the US and around the world for their support for the loss of this great man. It is a shock to myself along with his family, friends and coworkers. I cant believe that someone could take away such a sweet and loving man. Again thank you to everyone for your love and support on this loss.
Kalven Smith-Aaronson

kalven smith 10/31/2011 17:42

I used to work with Nick's Mother and he would always come into the store to visit. I would always think what a good looking young man that he was. I'm so saddened by all this and my heart goes out to his Mother. This beautiful man has been taken from all who knew and loved him. Please keep his family in your prayers and thoughts.

Donna McIntosh 10/31/2011 17:46

Rest in peace, Nick. :(

I didn't know you but I do know you were a great person from all you did and the lives you touched.

May your good deeds never be forgotten. Just know you helped change the world and history, and because of that you live on. Peace, man.

Steve McIlroy 10/31/2011 18:20

My deepest condolences the the family and the many friends of Nick. He will always be remembered for all the things he did and what he stood for.

Edward McGraw 10/31/2011 20:20

I remember I was so nervous to go alone and get my picture done so I asked you to join me. So glad you did and I am so proud of our NOH8 pictures! I will never forget and remember you always, I love you!

Amy Zerrillo 11/01/2011 22:23

I was in Mexico City when this happened. It is a horrible tragedy. However, we have not heard the whole story. Lets look at what looks like questionable behavior that discredits the "victim". Someone who was in a relationship (and an advocate of gay marriage- judging by this NOH8 photo ) allegedly cheated on his boyfriend, picked up a prostitute known as "The Shadow" at a bar in Mexico City, he was seen signing in the person as a guest on the hotel registry, and he ended up strangled to death. Things we don't know : What if it was "rough sex" gone wrong ? What if in addition to having sexual relations outside of his relationship, the "victim" was in pursuit of dangerous sex acts while on flight layover ? I think we set a questionable precedent when we use this person as a "Poster-child" for "victim" or advocate of anything involving the word gay marriage or gay relationship. I feel bad for his family and his boyfriend. Not only a tragic way to die but a shameful one. As a gay male I am offended this person is used as an media example of the type of person who advocates gay marriage. And before we start saying he is a victim, let's allow the alleged murderer to have his day in court. It is possible, this young man picked up a person of questionable character while on layover and signed him into his hotel very late at night (judging by footage of the hotel video I've seen) and ended up strangled to death during a possible sex act. That seems like dangerous extra-marital behavior. As a gay male, this is not a person I want as an example of someone who was for marriage equality.

George Saint_George 11/13/2011 09:12

Kalven Smith-Aaronson - I feel terribly bad for your loss. I too lost a boyfriend who liked to engage in extra-marital / dangerous sexual behavior. This happened years ago, before social media and news media literally broadcast everything - such as the news video of the Hotel lobby security camera showing Nick signing in a Mexican prostitute known as "the shadow" into his guest registry and then taking him back to his hotel room. I can't imagine how terrible it is to have seen the act of a loving boyfriend bringing someone back to his hotel room only to be found murdered. Sometimes, we really don't know the people we love or what they do when they are away and I know that must be very painful. I wish someone had told Nick that picking up strangers is not okay, that he should respect himself and his relationship with you and that wanting a relationship and advocating marriage means commitment and loyalty in addition to love. I know that many people are saying hateful things and using this tragedy an example of questionable and dangerous behavior that many gays are engaged in. When I was in Mexico City people in the gay district of the Zona Rosa used this tragedy as an example of Americans engaging in dangerous pick-ups of strangers in bars. As a gay male there are support groups for those who have lost a loved on to dangerous behavior. While Nick may be gone, we are still here to live our lives and perhaps we should all try and learn that dangerous behavior has dangerous consequences. You are not defined by your relationship with someone. You are not defined by your boyfriends mistakes or lack of judgement. You deserve so much more and Nick deserved so much more than the choices he made when he was in Mexico City.

George Saint_George 11/13/2011 09:46

After viewing the U.S. media reports regarding this case and as a gay male this is not someone I want shown as an advocate of gay marriage. Here is the CBS report / Hilton Hotel surveillance video clip of Nick Aaronson signing in the alleged prostitute into his hotel in Mexico City :

Dangerous behavior has dangerous consequences. IT IS A TRAGEDY but what if this was just a rough sexual act with a prostitute gone wrong ? Let's not condemn the alleged murderer before his trial.

George Saint_George 11/13/2011 13:56

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