Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

After many long months, the landmark Prop 8 Trial has finally come to an end. The NOH8 Campaign has learned that Chief Judge Vaughn R Walker has formally released his ruling in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, which challenged the constitutionality of Proposition 8. Numerous news sources have confirmed, including CNN, that Judge Walker has ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional and in violation of the protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Chief Judge Vaughn R Walker's Ruling on the Federal Prop 8 Case via Website


Prop 8 Supporters are expected to file an appeal to the judge’s ruling, which would bring the case to the US Supreme Court.


As most of you are already aware, the NOH8 Campaign was inspired by the passage of Proposition 8 back in November of 2008. Everyday supporters have taken a simple grassroots idea that began late one night after an emotional protest and propelled it into something much bigger than we ever imagined. The basic message of “no hate” speaks to so many people, and we’ve been fortunate enough to receive support from countries all over the world in our short time as an organization. Even though it was inspired by a terrible injustice, the positivity it has brought to our lives is undeniable.


Prop 8 transformed thousands of people into activists that may have never thought about getting involved before, and we were among them. There are so many ways to make your voice heard and to speak out for what you believe in, and we’re honored to share our simple method of taking photos to make a difference. Prop 8 has done a lot of damage, but it has also succeeded in uniting the community like never before.


It’s important to remember that no matt what the outcome of this trial could have been, every fight for equality brings us that much closer to making it a reality. Win or lose, bringing this issue to the courts and refusing to accept the loss of our rights quietly is progress. Harvey Milk famously fought for the chance to change his neighborhood and lost for many years in a row before his persistence paid off and he won the historic election that made him the first openly gay politician elected to office in the United States. Harvey Milk was one man. Imagine what we could accomplish if we focused all our efforts together.


Today’s victory is just a small example of our potential. The community was returned the rights that were unfairly stripped away from them by Prop 8, and that is truly something to appreciate. Though we have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for, it’s important to remember that our work is far from over. The NOH8 Campaign will continue to spread its message of equality and anti-discrimination wherever it can, bringing NOH8 to as many states as we can in order to make a change – and we need your help. We’re bringing NOH8 to Hawaii for example, planning to help register voters in an environment where civil unions were recently vetoed by the governor so that our supporters can make their voices heard in their local elections this fall.


What we as a community need to do now is what we did when Proposition 8 passed in the first place. We need to keep the issue alive and make ourselves known. We need to band together in a fundamental way that we haven’t before. We need to continue to work together to advance our inevitable goal of full equality across the board no matter what.


Join TEAM NOH8 in continuing the fight and celebrating this historic victory TONIGHT @ 6PM in West Hollywood Park. Make sure to wear your white shirts and find a volunteer when you arrive for your NOH8 tattoo. Many of you marched with us at LA Pride, and we need your help tonight to represent everybody still fighting for their rights all over the world.


Thank all of you for your support, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the rally!


The NOH8 Campaign is an official tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


OMG so so happy right now!! I could squeal.
Wish i could participate to West Hollywood Park thing tonight.Have fun and be safe!
Congrats to all...from Canada!;)

SaDistic BOB 08/04/2010 21:05

I need to gather my fellow NOH8-ers here in SF! We have some MAJOR dancin-in-the-street to accomplish! *boingboingboing*

susidhe 08/04/2010 22:01

I am kind of upset because as a single person who was anti-marriage, I thought I could count homosexuals as my allies.

Now that they can get legal marriage recognition, suddenly these married homosexuals have joined the enemy, the married heterosexual faction has simply become the "married monogamous" faction.

This is almost as bad a blow to the anti-marriage cause as when interracial marriage became acceptable. Breaking down this unfair discriminatory system is going to be very difficult. After all, you married people get to enjoy your tax breaks. Single people have to pay higher taxes to support your breaks which you use to pay for your lavish throw-away ceremonies and clothing.

It is fine if people are in love, fine if you want to celebrate and declare it, even fine if you want a contract drawn up to divide your assets. But I do not like it that you guys get tax deductions or special hospital visitation privileges. Friendships are just as important as romance, they should get to visit us in the hospital too, and I want to buy Playstation 2 games which are worth more than your silly wedding.

tyciol 08/05/2010 00:33

Awesome news!!! I am praying for a movement in all the states in the US to change...Everyone was and is created "Equally" and that means the WHOLE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN!!!! LET FREEDOM RING!! LOVE NOT H8!!!

Melissa Brown 08/05/2010 00:49

@tyciol: think before you speak. You'll become more intelligent.

Kyah Kira 08/05/2010 11:38

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