Professional Iranian Basketball Player Behdad Sami speaks out about why he posed for the NOH8 campaign.

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

“The reason I decided to get in contact with NOH8 and show my support is because I believe it’s already tough enough for the Gay community to receive support, let alone if you are of Middle Eastern decent. There are so many middle eastern males and females around the world that have been silenced by force not only fearing what their traditional families will think but also fearful of losing their life. In certain Middle Eastern countries, if you “come out”, it’s a literal death sentence. This upsets me so much to think our human right to be who we are is being controlled that way.  I am honored to be apart of this campaign and plan to help and be apart of anything NOH8 has for me in the future. I pray this can raise more awareness not just for the Gay communities around the USA but for the silenced people of the Middle East and the rest of the world.” –Behdad Sami


I Live In The Middle East But Am Half American Moms Said , My Family Was A Bout To Kill Me When Thy Found Out I Fight And Straggled Around Them Not Only To Be Accepted By Family But To Be Recognized As A Human At The End My Sisters Stood By Me My Mom Still Having A Heard Time Dealing With It But Accepting It And Mostly Thy All Love My GF As Their Own Sister, But i see many of my close friends and GF And Ex's Go Through This I Was Lucky And Strong Enough To Come Out Thy Still Live With A Very Proud and Havey Secret they carry around there Shoulder That They Wish There Loved Once Will Not Only Kill Them But Also To Be Apart Of And Accept Them, Thnx for This Story

Summy 05/17/2011 11:17

Please know that very hopeful, powerful, spiritual beings are praying for the Middle East...for their children/ the Earth / and for our Gay Brothers and Sisters that you may be who you are. WE will not stop..

Mark Harris 11/09/2011 12:26

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