NOH8, So I Posed For Love

Saturday, May 6th, 2017


I wanted to get involved with the NOH8 Campaign to show my admiration and support to the NOH8 mission.

Love prevails all, and so should justice. Why is there such a strong dislike and resentment towards same sex love, or women that are androgynous, or men who are less masculine than what we consider the 'norm' in modern society? Because of those who spread hate.

This silent and visual protest to me signifies the power in action. The NOH8 tattoo shows the commitment behind the movement to stop spreading hate, and the duct tape represents the cease in speaking negatively towards those who get hated on the most for just trying to live with self-pride, self-respect and ultimately, find love in a world filled with love.

I believe this movement speaks volumes because the goal through this silent protest is for those to see that we don't have to speak to be heard, because we are doing that and it's being seen - worldwide - loud and clear.

- Annae @Melanincentric


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