NOH8 ON THE HILL: A Call to All Congresspeople

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012


Tomorrow - Wednesday, February 15th - NOH8 Co-Founders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley will be in Washington, DC hosting a very special photo shoot - NOH8 ON THE HILL.

This unique opportunity will be open to any and all elected officials in the US House of Representatives as well as the US Senate - and today being the day before the photo shoot, what better day to support love for everyone than Valentine's Day?

After recent victories for marriage equality in Washington State and California and with such an important election year coming up, now is the time for our elected officials to take a stand and support equal rights!

Remember - the photo shoot will be happening tomorrow, so if you haven't already contacted your representative, take some time today to encourage them to support LOVE!

How can you help? Take a few minutes to write or call your representatives. We've even found an easy way for you to find their information! Click here to find the contact information for your Representative (House of Representatives:, and click here to contact your US Senator:

What should you tell them? Let us give you an example (below). Feel free to say whatever you'd like! When providing the contact information, please remember to spell out the e-mail address (ie: "n-o-h-8" instead of "no 'hate'").

"Hi, my name is _____________.

As one of your constituents, I respectfully and enthusiastically encourage you to participate in NOH8 ON THE HILL, a special congressional photo session to be hosted by the NOH8 Campaign on Wednesday, February 15th. The NOH8 Campaign is a silent photographic protest to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest.

By posing for a NOH8 photo, you would send a clear, critical message of support to the LGBT community, its allies, and most importantly, its youth. Please join over 20,000 faces, including Cindy and Meghan McCain and Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, in taking part in this historic movement. E-mail for more information or to make your appointment. Thank you for your time."



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