No One Should Be Silenced, by Sandi

Thursday, September 13th, 2012


My name is Sandi and I posed for the NOH8 Campaign because I know what it is like to feel as if the world around you silences you.

Back in High School I knew that I was attracted to women, but because of my family's beliefs and the community in which I grew up, I held that truth until I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't come out until I was 35 years old and had already been through two heterosexual marriages. Two weeks before the NOH8 shoot in Manchester NH, I was married for the third time.. but this time to my amazing wife Amanda.

We were surrounded by people who loved us and accepted us, even if some of them did not understand. Having them there was so special to both of us. We live in a state where we cannot get legally married... YET, and so we were married out of state; but our friends and family still followed us to be a part of our amazing day.

I posed with my boxing gloves because the group of people who have been the most accepting - not only of my being an open lesbian woman but of my new found inner and outer strength - are my kickboxing family. The gloves represent not only my commitment to everything they represent, but my commitment to ME and to TRUTH, HONESTY, STRENGTH and PERSERVERANCE.

No one should be silenced.


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