Music Knows No Bigotry, by Diane

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

My brother is gay and about gazillion of my friends are gay. I wanted to be a part of this shoot because of all the amazing people in my life who deserve to have the SAME rights, not different or special, as I have. And the same opportunity to fail at marriage, like I have.  I will never understand the bigotry heaped on love.

I play in the Oak Lawn Band here in Dallas, which is a charter member of the Lesbian Gay Band Association (LGBA).  We are hosting the 2012 LGBA Conference in Dallas this year during our Pride celebration in September.

I chose to include my piccolo in my picture because music knows no such bigotry - the notes on the page don't know the person reading and performing it is gay, straight, bi, black, white or purple.  If the audience closes their eyes, they don't know if the performers are heterosexual, homosexual, Australian or Chinese.

LGBA's moto is 'Music. Visibility. Pride.'  I love my band friends and I hope my little statement makes a difference for them, and others that I love, to get what they deserve - the ability to marry whomever they choose.

Diane T.

Dallas Open Photo Shoot


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