Mexico. Religion. Love. By Rosa Frausto

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I have two reasons why I posed for NOH8.

First reason: For my cousin, Mayela, who lives in San Luis Potosi, SLP Mexico.  She came out a couple years ago and was the first in our family to do so.  I went to visit her for a family wedding down in Mexico and my aunt prohibited my cousin from inviting her girlfriend to be her guest at the event. This obviously hurt her and it hurt me as well. She cried and it was the first time I seen her cry with pain. Pain caused by not being able to be with her love.

Mexico is known for its strong religious beliefs.  I was raised Catholic, still am, but I have my limits in what I believe. I have my faith and love and that’s all that matters.   I was taught by my parents, God forgives and loves as long as you forgive and love. So I asked myself, “How can some parents say they're religious when they don’t see that their own flesh and blood is practicing what God wants all of us to do? And that is Love.” Roman Catholic or not, it hurts to know that some of those parents who take this action upon their son or daughter lack the love and forgiveness they so call practice in their religion.

I came across another situation with a male friend of mine who lives here in California. He recently came out to his parents too and he mentioned how extremely religious his parents are. He was kicked out of his home, disowned, belittled and practically erased from his family. My eyes popped out, I was lost of words to know this. I gave him my support and advised him to write his parents a letter informing them that Love is not a crime.  To inform them that crime is what priests are committing in the church.

To remind her on the monstrous actions those past priests and continuing ones have been and are being charged with. It’s sick, it’s taking advantage of God, it’s unforgiving and it’s not real love.  I mentioned to him how his parents should love him back because if they don't, they are not obeying their religion. He has yet to write this letter.


Second reason: I posed for Love. Whatever religion, whatever beliefs you grew up with, it all comes down to LOVE. As you can see in my NOH8 picture, I have my hands touching the area where the heart is.  I just want the hate to stop and the love to continue. Thank you to Adam and all at NOH8 campaign.

I dedicated this picture for all my people in Mexico, hence note on duct tape, "Para Mexico" ("For Mexico") who still feel trapped and scared and can’t speak out.

Si Se Puede.



By Rosa Frausto

Hollywood, CA - 1/24/11


After I read your story, I almost cried. Yes, people can take religion in a whole twist and don't realize that they are still no better than GOD. I remember watching the movie, Footloose, with Kevin Bacon and I remember the plot to the story on how the pastor in that small town his character moved into banned dancing because its against GOD. Not realizing, what the pastor completely missed in the Bible, that people in those biblical days dance and dance to release the spirit within them. So they are a lot of hypocrites out there and I loved it when you say GOD loves everyone and so should we. Thanks for this beautiful story and stay strong.

Tia Tanika Stone 05/18/2011 17:13

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