Marriage Equality is Trans Equality, by Jessie

Friday, October 12th, 2012


I share the typical reasons of participating with everyone else, but I also have personal reasons. Often left out of the discussion of marriage equality is the marriage rights of trans people. It seems that the hate against us is so strong that certain people seek to deny us the right to marry anyone!

If I seek to marry a man, the bigots will tell me that I'm not really a woman. If I seek to marry a woman, the bigots will now conveniently disregard their anti-trans views and recognize my gender, but will now tell me my marriage rights will be denied because I cannot enter a lesbian marriage. It's sad that those against us will swap their homophobia and transphobia when convenient just to satisfy their hate and disdain.

Marriage equality would make these arguments moot and allow me to marry the person I love. To be able to marry without having to deal with this legal injustice would benefit me personally and the lives of the millions of transgender people. I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen and I'm taking a stand.



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