Making a Statement

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I chose to pose for the NOH8 Campaign because the ignorance in our country really frustrates me. I've always been a bit different: when I was a elementary school student I would go to school and play with Barbie dolls and the other kids would ridicule me; now about ten years later I'm a full time college student and Next-Generation New York City Club Kid, I like to dress in a manner that reflects my originality and expresses my creativity. New York City is a very diverse place to be around, it always amuses me how one minute I can be stopped by someone on the street and be asked where I got some article of clothing and where they can get something like that, and the next minute have someone scream faggot and make obscene gestures at me.
I think when I heard about the NO H8 campaign photo shoot in New York, I thought it would be a great opportunity to participate in a campaign that has a very simple message and a remarkably profound effect: for me the NOH8 Campaign symbolises a hope that all Americans can be treated equally, both in they eyes of the law and by their fellow Americans. I hope that people will see that just because someone is different doesn't mean it is acceptable to promote hate.

When I chose my wardrobe for the shoot I was a little freaked out by being limited to a White T-Shirt, but I certainly ended up maximising on accessories to help express my originality. My photo features a hand-made double cherry hat from celebrity milliner, Piers Atkinson, a bow bangle from jeweler Alexis Bittar and a "Police Line - Do Not Cross - Crime Scene" scarf from Fred, I chose the scarf to represent the psychological Crime Scene I have become from being ridiculed and when I finally receive full equality not only will the duct-tape be removed, the yellow tape will be too!

-AK-47 (Andy K), 19 Years Old
College Student and Next Generation New York City Club Kid


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