Loving Who You Are, by Emily

Monday, October 29th, 2012


It only takes one voice to start a movement. Knowing that I became part of this amazing organization to show that NOH8 is possible, I feel honored.

Growing up in a town where being "different" wasn't discussed, it was difficult to be myself. I knew in my heart I wasn't living how I saw happiness and was looking for a way out. I joined the military in a time where it would be difficult as well but I was bound to find a place where I could fit in. I found so many amazing individuals that accepted and taught me how to love myself no matter what and the feeling just grew deeper.

Finally being able to come out and stand tall for the feelings that are instilled inside is still becoming easier everyday. The awareness for the acceptance of others continues to show people it's okay to be comfortable and loved by whomever you chose. Stand up and stand tall to make a pose. Showing others, as well as yourself, that loving who you are is the first step for equality across the nation.



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