Loved Either Way, by Sabrina

Thursday, September 13th, 2012


As a parent, I'm aware that my daughter could be gay or straight, and I want her to know deep down in her soul that she is loved either way.

Even though she's just shy of 20-months, we're already talking about NOH8, intolerance, and human rights. If she's gay, I want her to know from the get-go that we love and celebrate her. Straight or gay, I want her to speak out against bullies.

Other parents choose to indoctrinate their children with hate and intolerance; I'm choosing to indoctrinate my daughter with love, strength, and respect for her fellow humans. Hopefully, it will make a difference in her life, and the lives of everyone she meets in her journey.

-Sabrina Furminger (Mariana’s mother)


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