Love Shouldn't Be A 'Right', by Mimi

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


As children, we aren't programmed to discriminate - to judge or to hate anyone. Innocence overrules the society-built prejudices that are embedded in our young, impressionable and easily formed minds.

I was once that innocent child.with a baby brother that was my best friend. As we grew older, I always had an inclination that he was gay. Selfishly, I needed someone to play Barbie's with and go shopping with - so it was a blessing in Mimiland!

We grew into adults. I started a family, and inevitably my brother came out to my Roman Catholic mother. I saw first-hand how insanely gut-wrenching and anxiety-filled that can be. I saw the pain and heard his anguish when it was decided it was a "sin" for him to love another human that happened to share the same gender.

My thought then, and is now, WHO CARES!?

Shouldn't LOVE in any form be celebrated and embraced? Shouldn't we all be created EQUAL? Shouldn't basic human rights be universal for us all?

As a mom of three kids, my children don't question who another person loves. They don't look down upon someone who is different from them. I'm a supporter of NOH8 because I believe we CAN make love a universal celebration. Love is stronger than hate, hate typically screams louder..... not anymore. Love sings in harmony and unites us. All colors, all genders and all religions - ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!



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